The off-the-wall comedy series, The Smoking Room, won’t be back for another season. The show was centred on a group of smokers and the conversations between them.

Much of the humour lied in the actual conversations and observations rather than punch lines or slap-stick style comedy.

The style of the series attracted some critics who didn’t see the funny side but it did manage to get a small cult audience. In August 2005, series creator Brian Dooly told Newszone @ ATV Today “I can take a great deal of criticism.” And the only comments that offended him were remarks made about his private life.

After airing on BBC3 it got its terrestrial debut on BBC2, however unlike fellow BBC3 comedy Little Britain, it didn’t catch on in the same way. But the show did run for two seasons and a Christmas special.

BBC3 chiefs and creator, Brian Dooley, made the decision mutually not to have another season. Amongst the shows stars were Paula Wilcox, Robert Webb, Leslie Schofield and Siobhan Redmond.

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