Sarah Harding talks career & home life

Generic Theatre Stage shot - ATV 2007Former Girls Aloud performer, Sarah Harding, has spoken of a dream to sing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and how she won’t be the next bandmate to have a Girls Aloud baby.

Speaking to ITV’s Lorraine Kelly, Sarah discussed the charity concert she’ll perform at Kensington Palace this summer:

I was hoping Wills and Kate were going to be there but I don’t know if they’re going to be. Fingers crossed.

Sarah – who has changed her infamous partying lifestyle with a move to the country – explained how she got over her past troubles and is looking to the future:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, I always say and I think you can only take the positives away from things and learn by mistakes and that’s exactly what I have done… I do like to come to London… but it is too hectic for me nowadays… I’ve got animals now, it’s like being a mum.

And on her partner, DJ Mark Foster, who she has known since she was 17, Sarah said their history together makes their relationship easier:

It does help, there’s definitely a lot of trust involved and he’s not one of these ‘yes people’, he’ll tell me if he thinks I’m wrong.

Sarah spoke excitedly about her former bandmate, Kimberley Walsh’s recent baby news:

I think we all expected Kimberley to be the first one and I kind of thought if it’s going to be anyone, it would be Kimberley next but I didn’t expect it so soon. Apparently I’m next in line. Not yet! …Maybe one day but I’ve got a few more boxes to tick.

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