Serangoon Road for Sony TV

sony_tvSony Entertainment Television is to air the UK Premiere of Serangoon Road.

The acclaimed period drama will begin in April on the channel.

The detective noir drama set in 1960’s Singapore stars Dan Hany, Joan Chen and Chin Han alongside a supporting cast of local and international talent.

The series brings heart-stopping action and forbidden romance to the most exotic of locations, and was nominated for Best Television Drama Series at this year’s Australian Film Institute’s AATCA Awards.

A melting pot of political and colonial tension, criminal gangs, and roving C.I.A agents set in the beating heart of 1960s Singapore, the Serangoon Road drama series brings one of the most tumultuous settings of the twenty-first century to vivid life. When Patricia Cheng’s (Chen) husband is mysteriously murdered working a case, she enlists the services of enigmatic Australian Sam Callaghan (Hany) to help her run the Cheng Detective Agency.

But it soon becomes clear that his investigation could have major international implications…

Serangoon Road premieres with its first series from Wednesday the 9th April which will run weekly at 9pm. Sony Entertainment Television on Sky 157, Virgin 193, BT 454, and TalkTalk 454.

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