Dave-mediumCrackanory, the show that puts a satirical and contemporary twist on storytelling, will return to UKTV’s channel Dave for a second series, the broadcaster has announced.

Crackanory proves story time is not just for the kids. The show provides grown-ups with a rare opportunity to get totally lost in a twisted tale that engages through a unique blend of live action, animation and intimate spoken word. Dave’s commitment to providing talent-led content continues with a second series of this bold programme. – General Manager for Dave, Steve North

The commission’s first series drew widespread critical acclaim and strong viewing figures UKTV note, adding that the series attracted over half a million viewers to Dave – the UK’s most watched non-PSB channel.

Produced by Tiger Aspect Productions, the new six part run will again contain two stories per episode, each depicted with a mixture of narrated live action and animation. The tales, written by some of comedy’s most imaginative writers, are performed by a host of well-known faces, invited to break down the boundaries of sanity and let their dark, comedic minds run wild.

Each episode runs in a 40 minute slot with the first outing home to stars such as Harry Enfield, Jack Dee, Jessica Hynes, Charlie Higson and Sarah Solemani who made themselves comfortable in Dave’s oversized Crackanory chair.

Viewers were treated to twisted morality tales such as Bitter Tweet about a man who is besieged for flippantly sending pop superstar Joaquin Blieber an abusive tweet, and The Teacup Has Landed about a nondescript office worker who accidently threatens the global hot drink industry when people discover he makes the best cup of tea in the world.

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