Truck on a Motorway near NottinghamHistory is to air an eight part series from April which looks at everything from classic motors to supercars in Ultimate Wheels.

Each hour long edition sees style guru Elo and genius mechanic Will, customize and transform old and forgotten classics in to completely unique and jaw-dropping vehicles that have never been seen before. From beaten up bangers to rusty relics, the passionate petrol heads will stop at nothing to achieve and re-event the greatest rides of all time.

Elo is always looking to push new boundaries and his motoring imagination runs wild as he briefs Will on his plan to transform a tired 1989 Ferrari 412 into a lightening quick pick-up truck, the first of its kind. Pushing the limits for a supercar like no other, the guys are inspired by a Saab fighter 1972 jet and aim to change a vehicle that looks like it would be more at home flying through the clouds than on the road. To take this creation off the ground, the guys must pull out a range of aerodynamic inventions including building a parachute in the boot…

Later in the series, Will’s hippy heart leads him to buy a 1966 VW Camper split screen. Eager not to just turn the van into an old reconditioned love wagon, Elo sets his sights on creating a luxury executive suite for the vehicle’s interior.

In addition to bringing together unique motoring inventions, Elo’s priceless museum is home to an array of both vintage and modern customized vehicles which has become a hotspot for fashion shoots and music videos.

The journey begins in Ultimate Wheels from Thursday April 17th at 9pm on the History Channel. Watch on Sky: HISTORY HD 529, HISTORY 530/ Virgin: HISTORY 234

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