Today’s Deal or No Deal saw Patricia Crick offered the highest ever banker offer in the shows history.

Noel Edmonds - Deal or No Deal - Seaside Special

The 64 year-old from Bromley walked away with a life changing £170,000 in the Channel 4 daytime game show fronted by Mr Crinkley Bottom himself Noel Edmonds.

The episode saw Pat end with the dream finish of the two highest possible boxes in the game, £100,000 and £250,000.

And with the additional twist of box 23 and a potential £500,000 up for grabs the Banker had no choice but to make his highest ever offer. Fortunately for Pat she took the £170,000 offer as she had the £100,000 box on the table, meaning she gave the Banker a true spanking.

Retired Pat revealed at the start of the show that she had been working as a PA in the banking industry for over 20 years and was used to dealing with bankers in foul moods! She explained that she wanted to spend any winnings on her children and grandchildren, especially to help out in any way with granddaughters Lucy, who would benefit from speech therapy, and Rebecca who has walking difficulties after being born prematurely.

Having declared ‘it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish’ Pat truly lived up to her word. With a shaky first round and an initial offer of £3,500, Pat steadily worked her way through the board. After turning down an offer of £12,000 Pat decided to play her lucky numbers chosen for her by her grandchildren and what followed next was an incredible run of blues. The Banker was sensing trouble and offered an extremely tempting offer of £32,000.

Deal or no DealHowever Pat’s determination to get as much money as possible to help her grandchildren saw her make a brave decision and see the game through all the way to the end! Going on to eliminate all but the highest two boxes in the game, Pat found herself in the best possible position for any Deal or No Deal player and received a record £170,000 offer.

Deciding to take the offer and revealing the £100,000 in her box Pat then had the agonising decision whether or not to buy box 23. Containing five possible outcomes, players can use their reasoning and judgment to decide whether Box 23 could be a potential advantage to them. If they buy box 23 they could double their winnings, take home an additional £10,000, maintain their position, halve their winnings or leave with nothing. Pat decided not to buy the box which would have added £10,000 to her winnings, but as she pointed out, when leaving with £170,000 ‘what’s £10,000 between friends’!

If you fancy taking on the banker click here to find out how you can appear on the popular Channel 4 show.

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