UKTV channel Yesterday has struck a co-production deal with Like A Shot Entertainment for WWII Air Crash Investigators.


Garth Barnard has a lifelong passion and unshakeable resolve to investigate how thousands of young airmen from the Second World War died in catastrophic air accidents and training crashes.

In the six part series WWII Air Crash Investigators Garth takes viewers on a journey around Britain, Australia, Poland, the US, and Gibraltar to uncover the truth behind these devastating accidents and in each hour long episode aims to ensure the men lost in the air war against Germany and its allies are not forgotten.

The deal also sees the channel airing Inquisition, a four part series that aims to shed a new light on a dark and bloody chapter of British and European history. The Inquisitions were designed by the Roman Catholic Church to combat heresy in the 12th Century, and this programme explores why for nearly 500 years the saga of fear, persecution, torture and death continued.

Both of these hard-hitting, powerful series explore and bring to life fascinating historical stories. Using state-of-the-art computer modelling and amazing insight from experts, WWII Air Crash Investigators aims to explain the fatal air crashes and honour the men that died for their country. Inquisition uses specially filmed reconstructions and respected historians to tell the dramatic stories of how men and women died for their beliefs. – Adrian Wills, General Manager, Yesterday

Adrian Wills ordered both new series and the deal was negotiated by UKTV’s Acquisitions and Co-Production Manager Emma Sparks.

Some of the most popular shows to air on Yesterday in recent times include Perfect Storms: Disasters that changed the World, which reached an audience of 1.8 million. The elite special-forces series Black Ops reached an 1.6 million individuals and Forbidden History, presented by Jamie Theakston reached1.5 million viewers.

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