Television regulator Ofcom has accepted the BBC Trust’s proposal to lower the quota of how much original BBC content CBeebies needs to air.

The change will see original BBC productions cut from 80 per cent to 70. The regulator said the approval was made after ‘careful consideration’. Ofcom made its decision following a proposal from BBC Executive to the BBC Trust for the change to the quota.

The corporation said the cut would help ‘improve the viewing experience for children’ to the channel which aims to broadcast shows which enhance learning through play for children aged 6 or under. The beeb believe that by cutting the original programming content made in-house by 10% it will enable the channel to reduce its reliance on older programmes and increase the availability of some of its most popular UK-produced shows.

Ofcom said of the change,

“Following discussion by Ofcom’s Content Board… the BBC’s application to reduce the originations quota for the CBeebies channel from 80% to 70%, which was endorsed by the BBC Trust, has been approved.

“The board noted that CBeebies played an important role in meeting the needs of pre-school children, and that the change would enable the channel to reduce its reliance upon older programming while maintaining its UK character… The board welcomed the Trust’s proposal to amend the service licence to require that a majority of acquisitions should be ‘UK productions’.”

The change had previously been endorsed by the BBC Trust before being issued to Ofcom for its final ruling.

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