Bets on Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin as they ‘consciously uncouple’

ATV Today - ShowbizThe news of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin deciding to ‘consciously uncouple’, is filling the column inches today and one betting agent has odds at 100/1 that the term used for their separation will be included in the Oxford Dictionary this year.

Ten years of marriage and two kids later, the famous pair are calling it a day just six months after the health-mad actress was pictured twisting tongues with her ex-Donovan Leitch and it is odds on at 1/2 that these two will officially appear as a couple in July or later. The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has odds at 9/2 for May and 5/1 that it will be June before Paltrow and Leitch go public.

With any break-up comes the issue of what sides the mutual friends take and if there’s one friendship to fight over it’s that of Beyonce and Jay Z. It is odds on at 2/5 that the actress will be pictured first with Queen Bey and her rapper husband and a longer 7/4 that the Coldplay singer will win that battle.

Rather than have Fix You on repeat while he grieves his marriage to Gwynnie, it is 20/1 that Chris will seek comfort in ditching his ex’s much loved vegetarian diet and be pictured tucking into a steak this week. Either that or he may turn to music and odds at 4/1 that Coldplay will release a song about the break up. But Coldplay aren’t the only ones who may take pen to paper on the topic and given we all know Taylor Swift loves a good break-up song it is 12/1 that the American singer will have a release on the split.

“It’s no longer paradise for Chris and Gwyneth and we have odds on at 1/4 for Gywneth, who was last year named the most hated celebrity in Hollywood, to be the first of the two to ‘consciously couple’ or in simpler terms remarry.” – Paddy Power spokesperson

Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow Odds Round-up

First to remarry
1/4 Gwyneth Paltrow
5/2 Chris Martin

Who gets Beyonce & Jay Z?
First to be pictured with Beyonce & Jay Z
2/5 Gwyneth Paltrow
7/4 Chris Martin

When will Gwyneth Paltrow and Donovan Leitch appear officially as a couple?
20/1 March
4/1 April
9/2 May
5/1 June
1/2 July or later

20/1 Chris Martin to be pictured eating a steak this week
4/1 Chris and Gwyneth to announce a reunion in 2014
4/1 Coldplay to release a single about the break up
12/1 Taylor Swift to release a single about their break up
100/1 Consciously uncouple’ to be included in the Oxford Dictionary this year
200/1 Chris and Gwyneth to receive marriage counselling from Jay Z

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