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Across the week of the 7th to the 13th of April to Channel 5 is to broadcast a series of programmes that reflects law and disorder in modern Britain

Over the five nights topics as diverse as Britain’s crime hotspots to Fred West’s never heard before confessions to those drowning in tens of thousands of pounds of debt after a loan of a few hundred pounds; a range of society will be shown – including watching crimes as they happen live.

“Channel 5 likes creating fast-moving, quick turnaround content that reflects what viewers are talking about. Our law and disorder programmes are part of our personal channel remit; to challenge staunch beliefs, to show viewers something new and to deliver entertaining TV.” – Channel 5 Director of Programming, Ben Frow

Programmes include Law & Disorder: Catching Criminals Live. Britain’s five million CCTV cameras capture crimes as they happen. The two part programme will hop around the video feeds of police forces across Britain as they deal with booze-fuelled thugs, shoplifters and burglars. In Shops and Robbers viewers can learn the incredible deceit and trickery used by the sophisticated world of shoplifters, plus how to spot and shop them.

Binge drinking is one of Britain’s biggest growing problems as belligerent punters with one-too-many become a huge burden on city centres. Closing Time: Newcastle After Dark takes a look at closing time kick-out in Newcastle and the problems it causes while in already established programme The Nightmare Neighbours Next Door the second episode in the series  continues to investigate Britain’s worst offenders, gathering evidence of nightmare behaviour. There are six million complaints about nightmare neighbours every year in the UK.

Another series which is currently airing on Channel 5 also forms part of the week of Law and Disorder programming with Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away: Final Demand. A special edition of the show which digs into the underbelly of indebted Britain.

The summer of 2010 saw the biggest manhunt in modern British history. The nation’s media was thrown in to a widespread frenzy as police attempted to track down just one man, Raoul Moat. In Raoul Moat: Northumbria Rampage Moat’s actions are looked at in forensic detail, drawing upon the expert testimony of a carefully selected cast to tell its story. Another notorious name – Fred West – is also put under the spotlight once more in The Unseen Fred West Confessions. Locked in Police station vaults across the UK, are hundreds of hours of audio recordings. On these tapes are interviews with some of Britain’s most notorious killers. Viewer are brought face to face with Fred West as he is questioned by detectives for his crimes.

Other shows include the final episode in the current series of It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief, the previously announced Britain’s Crime Capitals: Crime Map, Running Riot: Britain’s Teen Criminals and Gypsies on Benefits & Proud.

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