Fifteen to One

Fifteen To One quiz host Sandi Toksvig has spoken about gay marriage and renewing her own wedding vows  at the weekend.

The comedian and presenter was in conversation with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning yesterday when she explained her thoughts on same sex union and renewing her vows at the weekend.

“It was slightly too much for me really, I keep grinning. On Saturday my partner and I renewed our vows. We did it in a very quiet understated way – on stage at the festival hall! All my children were part of it and two thousand people attended… so a tiny little thing!”


“We had a choir singing, Sheila Hancock reading… you know when something just is perfect and you couldn’t have made it any better? It was perfect.”

On how important March 29th was for same sex couples, Sandi added:

“It was hugely important. You know when I first came out twenty years ago in 1994 there wasn’t a single out gay woman in British public life. Not one. I had a lot of death threats, we had to go into hiding… I’ve had a lot of dealing with the police hate crime squad over the years who are lovely lovely boys who on occasion have saved my life. The most emotional moment for me was my daughter Megan who gave me away [on Saturday], we walked into the audience and two thousand people stood up and cheered. It was a very emotional for me.”


“[Back then] I was frightened and lonely, but to then know that.. I think this is the most wonderful country and I think it’s full of the most wonderful people and I think that’s not always reflected in our press. I think our nation are a kinder nicer nation than they are portrayed as. This is a great day and I sort of hope now that we can stop talking about it…. its about love. And that’s all its about, and equality, and about us all living our lives peacefully and happily together. The law has changed and I suspect those people who are uncomfortable with the change, in twenty years time, may regret their position that they’re in now… that they may realise they are on the wrong side of public opinion.”

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