Artistic: London Underground logo in darkness

Yesterday, Britain’s biggest factual channel, has signed an acquisitions deal with PBS International for the new series Secrets of Britain.

The six part series visits some of Britain’s most famous buildings and institutions to reveal their hidden secrets. The past and present real-life stories of Scotland Yard, Selfridges, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Westminster, Tower of London and London Underground are all featured in this quintessential look at British heritage and life.

“Secrets of Britain allows viewers to delve deeper and understand the history and context behind some of Britain’s most well-known and iconic institutions. The series is beautifully shot using a wide range of experts and historians, who reveal the fascinating stories and secrets from these British landmarks.” – Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday

In an episode titled the Secrets of Underground London, 2,000 years of subterranean history is uncovered and a world of ancient caves, perfectly preserved Roman remains, mysterious rivers, gruesome plague pits, and impenetrable vaults are unearthed. In another episode, Secrets of the Tower of London, the programme goes behind the formidable ancient walls of the top London destination, to expose its secrets and stories.

“Secrets of the Manor House, also distributed by PBS International, was incredibly popular with Yesterday viewers, reaching 1.8 million individuals. Both that series and Secrets of Britain allow viewers to go beyond the public façade of these infamous British landmarks, and learn about their hidden secrets.” – UKTV’s Acquisitions and Co-Production Manager Emma Sparks

Secrets of Britain will air on Yesterday later in 2014.

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