Shipping Wars commissioned for full series

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Channel 4 have commissioned a full series of Shipping Wars following the success of the pilot episode.

The series will air in 45 minute slots across twenty programmes.

Taking a light-hearted peek into the world of goods on the move, Shipping Wars is a reality-based entertainment format. It will feature a diverse group of transporters as they crisscross Britain & beyond, picking up and dropping off the most gob-smacking and sometimes seemingly un-shippable loads, at times hoping to fill every inch of their vehicles to maximise pay. However, profits can easily be dented by mishap or misinformation if, for example, dimensions supplied by customers are wrong, or they forgot to mention the multiple flights of stairs, the need for a crane, the low-hanging trees, the underground bunker or perhaps even the compulsory breaks to feed the live animals on board.

It also reveals the booming business of transportation fed by a nation of online shoppers who need their bigger purchases transported around Britain and Europe. With a seemingly unending supply of weird and wonderful items to transport across hundreds of miles, the series will delve into the fascinating worlds of an eclectic mix of consumers who are keen to ship an extensive range of goods from vintage-arcade games to family heirlooms to miniature cars.

Each week sees the Shipping Wars transporters go head to head, bidding on four extraordinary loads before the best driver for each job is selected. Throughout the show the drivers comment on the loads being undertaken – not just their own but each others too. At best they can make big money fast, but if they blow a job their fortunes can change in a flash, as customer feedback is one of the considerations to winning their next assignment. It’s not just about the cash – both profit margins and customer satisfaction count in nominating each week’s Shipping Wars winner.

The series is being made by Megalomedia, who have recently completed production on Season 5 of the original US version of Shipping Wars for A&E Television Networks. Season 1 of the US version is currently airing on More 4. Under the guidance of company president Jonathan Nowzaradan from their headquarters in Austin Texas, Megalomedia established a London office last year, with Luke Campbell as MD and Executive Producer for UK productions

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