Noel Edmonds - Deal or No Deal - Seaside Special

Noel Edmonds and Channel 4 are gearing up for a television landmark as game show  Deal or No Deal heads towards its 2500th edition later this month.

Fronted by former BBC darling Noel Edmonds since its first episode aired on Channel 4 nearly a decade ago, on Monday 31st October 2005, the show has cemented its place in broadcasting history by giving away more money than another other daytime show in the history of British Television – over £37,000,000!

With seven people now crowned Deal or No Deal quarter-millionaires the show really has changed lives, and now with the addition of box 23, players could potentially walk away with an incredible £500,000.

On Wednesday 30th April the ‘Dream Factory’ marks its amazing milestone as Deal or No Deal promises to celebrate its 2500th show in style. The series hit 1000 episodes back in 2008 for which Noel cracked out a gold jacket and 1000 diamond studded tie.

Deal or No Deal is a simple game, that became an addictive viewing habit for millions of viewers, with the entire format of the programme requiring no skill or knowledge as contestants simply have to open 25 boxes with varying amounts of value and by sheer luck hope to take away a big amount. Along the way The Banker tries to lure an early exit by bribing the contestant to Deal with his money offer – after all they could leave with just one pence if they battle on to the end.

Deal or No Deal airs weekdays on Channel 4

Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds

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