Jonathan Ross to Thronecast with Sky Atlantic

Game of Thrones

Jonathan Ross is to appear as a guest on an upcoming episode of Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast.

The show, a fan companion show to Sky Atlantic’s drama Game of Thrones, will feature Ross as a guest on the fifth episode of the series, where he will be interviewed by series hosts Jamie East and Rachel Parris.  The episode will air this evening, Monday 5th May, following latest UK aired episode of the adventure series, set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, which chronicles the violent power struggles between the realm’s noble families.

In addition, from this evening, every episode of Game of Thrones will contain a single advert break half way through the episode. This will apply to every episode, and repeat of the fourth season.

“In a nutshell it’s the characters. That’s the key to all great drama. It’s a great setting, it’s a great world, it’s a great fantasy but ultimately unless you know about the people and care about the people you’re not going to go along with it and that’s what I love about it. There are such great characters, so vividly drawn, so much intrigue and due to the brilliant nature of the writing, even the people you initially hate you will eventually find you can see their side to it. With the probable exception of Joffrey.” – Jonathan Ross

Episodes of Thronecast are also available online at

“It was brilliant having Jonathan in the studio as he’s such a big Game of Thrones fan, is always great fun and, this may come as a surprise to many, never short of a few words. I feel sorry for the editor who has had to pick which bits will make it on air; the poor bleeper machine was in overdrive! Valar Morghulis!” – Jamie East 


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