Yesterday, part of UKTV’s network of ten channels, is to air a new series called Weekend Warriors. The factual series looks at those who involve themselves in the war battle recreations.

The six part series is a glorious celebration of British eccentricity, visiting the little-known world of the battle re-enactors. These men and women spend their weekends living in the past, as roundheads, cavaliers, Roman legionnaires, maids in distress, WW2 soldiers or even Vikings. They bring to life the most famous battles in history, which are lovingly and accurately portrayed in the fields and villages of the UK.

“Weekend Warriors takes a totally immersive look at life on the battlefield during some of the most famous wars in history through the eyes of the battle re-enactors. Every weekend they step into the clothes of the ordinary soldier, learn to use their equipment, and fight their fights to re-live some of the most iconic conflicts in history. This series will give Yesterday viewers the most comprehensive look at warfare though the ultimate living historians.” – Adrian Wills, General Manager of Yesterday

These astonishing and impressive displays are put on by dedicated and passionate characters, and each episode will focus on a different group of re-enactors as they prepare for their weekend-long battle. One episode follows the re-enactment of the D-Day Normandy Landings which attracts over 1000 people from all over Europe. Another episode focuses on the Roman ‘Battle of Mount Badon’ a bloody clash with the Saxons that fuelled the legends of King Arthur.

The series is produced in a deal between UKTV and Sky Vision Productions. The documentary will air on Yesterday later this year. Yesterday is the home of fascinating factual stories, with the channel currently reaching 12.88 million viewers a month. Other highlights in the 2014 schedule include Inquisition, WW11 Air Crash Investigators, Black Ops, Ancient Black Ops and a second series of Forbidden History with Jamie Theakston.

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