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To a fanfare which included a ‘Heart Plane’ flying a banner across the county reading ‘Heart is here’ and fountains running red in Sheffield and Leeds, Yorkshire got a brand new radio station yesterday.

The UK’s biggest and most popular commercial radio brand, Heart, launched as Sony Award winner Dixie (David Dixon) and co-host Emma Lenney launched the station at 6am on Tuesday with the all new ‘Heart Breakfast’ live from Yorkshire. Dixie was the first voice on the new station: “Welcome to the brand new radio station for Yorkshire” and co-host Emma added: “This is Heart”.

Words which will go into the history books just like “one small step for man..”, “I have a dream..” and “Crossroads Motel, good evening…”

Exemplifying the variety of music promised on Heart Yorkshire, the first five songs played on Heart Yorkshire were Pharrell Williams, ‘Happy’ followed by Taylor Dane (Tell It To My Heart), Aerosmith (I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing), Eurhythmics (Sweet Dreams) and Outkast (Hey Ya!).

Connecting with the people across Yorkshire is at the centre of Heart Breakfast as listeners phoned in with their funny stories about the little white lies they tell to help them out of sticky situations with their kids. The top white lie was deemed to be from a mother who told her children if they didn’t eat their greens… their fingers would fall off!! More topics and lots more calls followed in the four hour Heart Breakfast show including their new phone in competition, ‘Gong In 60 Seconds’.

Following Dixie and Emma from 10am, is Toby Anstis with the brightest daytime morning show, Monday to Saturday. Toby brought to Yorkshire the amazing £100,000 jackpot competition, ‘Who’s on Heart’. Listeners have the chance to win a staggering prize fund by simply guessing the correct names of the three secret celebrities speaking the words, ‘Who’s on Heart?’. In addition a series of money-can’t-buy tickets and intimate gigs will allow Heart listeners to get up close and personal with some of the world’s biggest music stars. Recent gigs include Robbie Williams, Bruno Mars and Gary Barlow.

Toby is followed by Matt Wilkinson weekday afternoons from 1pm and from 4pm another new addition to Heart Yorkshire takes to the airwaves; Rich Williams. Rich will help Yorkshire home from 4pm with top tunes, all the region’s news, traffic and travel live from Yorkshire.

Taking over at 7pm is Roberto who will keep listeners company into the evening, while Jenny Francis will help Yorkshire unwind on The Late Show, weekdays from 10pm.

Ian Brannan completes the local line-up as the host of Saturday afternoons from 1pm – 5pm

“Today was so exciting, launching Heart Yorkshire with Emma was an absolute privilege. I know the listeners are going to love what we have in store for them. Things just got bigger and better. And, ‘Who’s On Heart’, what an incredible competition! I want to see that £100,000 prize money in a Yorkshire pocket!” – Dixie speaking after launch yesterday.

Heart’s all-star line-up includes some of the UK’s most popular presenters and entertainers, including Emma Bunton, Stephen Mulhern, Emma Willis, Jenni Falconer and Mark Wright.

“Dixie and I had a great time on Heart Breakfast this morning. I love the interaction with listeners and asking the pilot of the ‘Heart Plane’ to fly over my house was fun, though I don’t think he took any notice of me! Can’t wait for tomorrow!” – Emma

Tune into Heart Yorkshire on 106 to 108 FM, DAB digital radio, at heart.co.uk and on the Heart app.

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