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Classic 1970s BBC sitcom The Liver Birds is to have further episodes released on DVD in ‘The Liver Birds: Collection Two’ which sees many episodes from the third series released on DVD for the very first time.

Hot on the heels of Beatlemania, 1970s Liverpool was a city famed for its wit and its football, with its team dominating England and well on their way to becoming the
kings of Europe.

It was also home to The Liver Birds a seminal 70s sitcom, one that broke new ground and offered up a look at life around the Mersey from a woman’s perspective and a female counterpart to the north-east’s The Likely Lads.

The third series of the much-loved sitcom starring Polly James and Nerys Hughes is making its DVD debut courtesy of the Acorn label from RLJ Entertainment. Set in Liverpool this hilarious comedy was penned by Carla Lane who also had big BBC hits with fellow sitcoms Bread and Butterflies.

In The Liver Birds: Collection Two, all the episodes from series three are contained in transmission order. This follows the previous release by Acorn of The Liver Birds: Collection One, which features all the episodes from series two plus the original pilot. Series one was wiped by the BBC with little in the way remaining from the run as only the filmed inserts remain from one of the four episodes and the opening titles.

However viewers can enjoy the further adventures of Sandra (Hughes) and Beryl (James) in the surviving episodes which by series three picks up the story as the girls settle into their bigger and more comfortable flat. They face all of life’s challenges with a smile and the occasional song, from the risks of becoming Miss Hot Pants 1972 to the perils of pet parrots and hired horses; from cranky Christenings and Valentine’s Day-doings to a very special poetry reading led by everybody’s favourite Liverpudlian poet in a real life appearance, Roger McGough.

The Liver Birds are back with thirteen richly comedic episodes available for the first time ever on DVD featuring the hit theme tune by The Scaffold. . This set will be available on DVD for the first time from the 7th July 2014. RRP: £19.99

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