June Whitfield takes swipe at Critics

June Whitfield, ITV

Actress June Whitfield has spoken of how the press and TV critics make her ‘blood boil’ over their regular attacks on programmes deemed to be ‘too middleclass’.The actress has previously spoken about her distaste at the abuse middle class shows receive from the press and critics when discussing her lead role in long running sitcom Terry and June.

“They don’t like middle class, middle of the road, happy, harmless programmes.”

Terry and June, ran from 1979 through to 1987 and proved a hit with audiences, but was regularly knocked by television reviewers. The series starred 88-year-old June alongside the late comedian Terry Scott. It was just one of a number of series set in the world of middle class Britain which critics took a poke at. Other shows knocked included ITV comedy Duty Free and long running soap opera Crossroads.

Now, speaking to ITV’s This Morning, June has found another of her series fails to appeal to the critical press. Talking about the launch of Boomers she said,

“The press came to a showing and one of them said, ‘what do you think of this group saying that there’s far too much middle class comedy?’ And I said ‘that’s makes my blood boil’… you know, Middle Class has almost become a dirty word, people look down on it and its so stupid, there are millions of people that are middle class and they never say there’s too much working class or there’s too much upper class… and it’s such a funny snide remark. If it’s funny, it doesn’t matter what it is.”

June WhitfieldDespite being 23 years over the legal retirement age, June explained to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford why she is still working and took on the role in Boomers.

“It was great fun and what a cast! I hardly bothered to read the script, I said ‘yes please’…” Before admitting, “Like all actors, after every job I think I’ve retired… and then something comes along. But I’ve reached a stage now where I will be retired at some point, but touch wood it hasn’t happened yet.”

During her interview on This Morning, June also offered her advice for teenagers getting their A-Level results today.

“According to my father I had a plan B! When I left RADA I showed him a contract that said I was getting £12 a week and he said ‘yes, very nice, but you’re keeping up your shorthand and typing aren’t you?’ So my advice to any young person is that A-Levels are marvellous and well done for doing them and the first thing to do is complete your education, and then always have a back up!”

The full interview can be seen at ITV.com

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