BBC Worldwide has sold 300 hours of beeb programmes to four broadcasters in China.

The announcement was made yesterday at the fourth annual China Showcase in Beijing. The deals consist predominately of natural history and factual titles including David Beckham: Into the Unknown, the latest documentary from the footie star Beckham and three of his closest friends who travel to Brazil in a once in a lifetime experience; Museum Secrets where viewers are invited on a journey into the innards of the world’s most extraordinary museums to discover dark and strange secrets behind some of the artefacts; and Horizon, the long-running BBC popular science documentary programme.

The deals signed with Shanghai Media Group ICS, CCTV, DOXTV, and Wingsmedia just before China Showcase will see programmes aired on the various broadcasters’ platforms.

“These deals reinforce the relationships with several of our key partners in China. For many years, we have provided them with quality content that their viewers demand. These 300 hours of programmes further cement our relationship with them,”- Pierre Cheung, VP and GM, Greater China, BBC Worldwide.

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