20,000 Fans Give The Young Doctors CPR

The Young Doctors

Momentum is building in the campaign to get the complete series of the classic Aussie soap The Young Doctors released as a DVD box set. To date over 20,000 fans have ‘liked’ the Facebook page calling on FremantleMedia (who now own the rights) to come to the party.

“The fans just want the chance to enjoy their favourite show again,” said Darren Gray who manages a number of the cast and crew who worked on the serial, “we hope that FremantleMedia will come good given this huge outpouring of support from the viewers.


“I would personally like to thank the amazing people at ATV Today who have been instrumental in helping to spread the word about what we are doing.”

The Young Doctors revolved around the lives and loves of the patients and staff of the Albert Memorial Hospital. The show ran for 1398 thirty minute episodes from 1976 until production ceased in 1982. Kiosk lady Ada Simmonds (played by Gwen Plumb) kept the gossip flowing and gave the hospital an extra patient or two with her curried egg sandwiches. Meanwhile the dashing Dr Peter Holland (Peter Lochran) and good time girl Nurse Jo Jo Adams (Delvene Delaney) sent viewers blood pressures sky high.

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“The response to our story on the campaign concerning The Young Doctors on DVD has been incredibly positive. It proves that many older ‘soap operas’ and similar programmes continue to have a large following and remain much loved. Hopefully Fremantle will give the fans what they want, especially after the success some of the other Reg Watson devised sagas released in DVD box set form  have had – including Prisoner: Cell Block H and Crossroads.” – Doug Lambert, ATV Today Editor

Fans of the series can join its Facebook page here and the DVD campaign page here.

Photo: The boss man himself, Reg Grundy (centre), receives some medical attention from Dr Jim Howard (John Dommett), Dr Gail Henderson (Peta Toppano), Dr Craig Rothwell (John Walton) and Nurse Jo Jo Adams (Delvene Delaney). Photo courtesy of Darren Gray/Alan Coleman Archive. Copyright Reg Grundy Organisation.

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