Kate O'Mara

Kate O'Mara in Crossroads as Lady Alice Fox 2003

Kate O’Mara is to appear in the fifth season of ITV comedy Benidorm.

The actress will guest-star in the forthcoming fifth season of the comedy, reports The Sun. The actress is one of five actors who will make appearances during the new season of Benidorm – her character has not yet been revealed. The other actors who’ll be making guest appearances in the new run  will include Siobhan Redmond, Matthew Kelly and Ted Robbins.

Link: Kate O’Mara an ATV Icon

Kate O’Mara is known for a successive of glamorous roles; she played Caress Morrell in Dynasty – the sister of the drama’s resident bitch Alexis Colby (Joan Collins). The actress played Laura Wilde in the last two seasons of BBC One’s answer to Dynasty, Howard’s Way, in the late 1980s and she’s known to Doctor Who fans as The Rani, a an evil renegade from the Doctor’s home planet. The actresses other roles include The Brothers, Triangle, Crossroads, Weaver’s Green and Bad Girls.

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