The BillWe asked you to send us your suggestions for some of the most Iconic theme tunes out there be they drama, comedy or Sci Fi.

Our decision to do this came in the light of news that after 25 years the theme tune to The Bill would be dropped in favour of something more modern. For many fans of The Bill the theme tune evokes memories of those two police officers walking down the cobbled streets as the end credits to the drama rolled. We had many, many, many suggestions for ‘iconic theme’s’ and we’ve already uploaded some of your suggestions but we had so many we decided to upload some more!  

We asked you to send us a list of theme tunes, from programmes across all genres that you consider truly iconic. We had many suggestions and we’ve already uploaded some of them but we felt we couldn’t do the suggestions justice unless we uploaded some more. So below are some theme tunes you think are iconic. Please note that they are not listed in any particular order.

 The Avengers [1961 – 1969]

Classic spy/thriller/sci fi drama series from the 1960s that is still fondly remembered today. The storylines in the series were very much like most drama’s of the 1960s – completely nuts. But audiences didn’t care if Steed got shrunk or if the series cartoon style sequences featured in an episode. The theme tune is very 60s in style but that’s not a compliant.

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Casualty-mediumCasualty [1986 – Present]

Casualty is the longest running medical drama in the world and when ER was preparing to launch in America they sent over a team to the Casualty studios to see how the series was produced. The series is still going strong today even if the only original character is Charlie Fairhead who has gone through more trauma than most of the patients in the emergency department. Nowadays the theme tune is some ghastly electronic and synthesised version of the original theme. Just listen to the original theme and tell us you don’t prefer it to the horrid version used today!

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Juliet Bravo [1980 – 1985]

Police drama set in Lancashire and following Inspector Jean Darblay and later Inspector Kate Longton. Juliet Bravo was one of the first drama’s to follow a lead female character within a police drama series. In the past most police drama’s had focused on male characters but Juliet Bravo along with The Gentle Touch changed all that. For the first time viewers got to see a high ranking female officer and the challenges she faced. Juliet Bravo ran on the BBC for five years and its theme tune is still recognisable today.

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Survivors [1975 – 1977]

Classic Terry Nation drama following a small group of survivors following a plague that wipes out most of the world’s population. The BBC recently revived the series and gave it a modern makeover part of which included dropping the classic theme tune. The theme tune, haunting as it is, was accompanied by glimpses of how the plague started and spread across the world. As with our other themes it’s instantly recognisable and a classic in its own right.

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Buffy/Angel [1997 – 2003/1999 – 2004]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer might have flopped on the big-screen but its small screen incarnation was a huge success – amongst its target audience. The show rewrote the rules of codes and conventions when it came to genre with story arcs and character developing preferred over more standalone episodes that typicalised other programmes of the time. Its theme tune reflected the show – rocky, full of energy and fresh. Angel, the spin-off series, was darker that its parent show and the theme tune represented this. While Buffy was about proving you can have a normal life and still fight the evil in the world Angel was more about the consequences of such fights and how, at times, it can be a desperate fight.

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Bergerac [1981 – 1991]

BBC drama series set on the Channel Island of Jersey and following the investigations of DS Jim Bergerac [John Nettles]. The series featured an ensemble cast who often or not would end up tied up with Bergerac’s investigation of the episode. His ex father-in-law Charlie [Terrance Alexander] would nearly always end up involved with some dodgy character or another. The title sequence varied over the years but mostly featured Jersey from the air with shots of the characters.

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