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Soap Stories In Brief

Welcome to September, and our quick look through the world of soap opera… Lets start with some good news for Coronation Street… Corrie Wins Best Soap Award ..but only in TV Quick, so hardly a BAFTA is it? Still nice to see the old show winning something. And we think rightly so that Sue Cleaver has beenĀ  rewarded for her wonderful role as Elieen Grimshaw. She’s fab don’t you think?

Last Week’s News In Brief

Other stories from last week in the world of Soap Opera… Why Have Cotton When You Can Have Bose? If you’ve been following Antony Cotton’s many interviews lately, you’d be left wondering if Emmerdale’s Matthew Bose recent comments are a sly dig at the camp Weatherfield, er, ‘actor’. Speaking recently Bose – who plays gay character Paul Lambert – revealed that he thinks raising awareness is the only purpose of

No More Smoking on the BBC

The off-the-wall comedy series, The Smoking Room, won’t be back for another season. The show was centred on a group of smokers and the conversations between them.

Battlestar Galactica: Season Three

If you thought the Second Season of Battlestar Galactica was shocking you ain’t seen nothing yet! Although details of the upcoming third season are being kept under wraps it looks set to be much bigger than anything we’ve seen before.