Psychologist Pamela Stephenson is to present a brand new one-off documentary about fame and celebrity for More 4.

In an age when children no longer aspire to a profession but instead want to be celebrities, fame has become one of the most sought-after states on the planet – but only those who have achieved it understand its impact and now More 4 aim to look into the world of fame.

In The Fame Report, Stephenson examines the reality of being famous, its psychological impact and effect on key relationships for those in the public eye – through her own expert analysis and interviews with individuals who have attained fame on a global scale.

The celebrities interviewed in the film include Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal, former Spice Girl Mel C, The Devil Wears Prada star Stanley Tucci, actors Alan Cumming and John Hurt, and comedian Billy Connolly – who is of course Pamela’s husband.

Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor, Emma Cooper says: “Pamela is uniquely well-qualified to examine fame, not only has she experienced the trappings of celebrity as an actress, comedian and star of Strictly Come Dancing, she is she is also one of very few people in the world to have researched fame’s psychological effects with academic rigour. The celebrities she interviews speak with unprecedented candour about the highs and lows such elevation can bring – providing a fascinating insight into how people experience fame.”

For her doctoral dissertation, Stephenson interviewed 20 celebrities, developing fascinating and original theories about how individuals are affected by, for instance, the loss of privacy which comes from being well-known and the effect fame can have on someone’s relationships – even with themself.

Glasgow-based production company Finestripe Productions are making this one-off one-hour documentary for transmission this April on More 4. The Producer and Director is Michael Waldman and the Executive Producer is Sue Summers.

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