Hit NBC series America’s Got Talent has become the latest television series to fall victim to the Parents Television Council.

The reason why the talent show is the latest victim of the lobby group? The fact it has hired Howard Stern to be a new judge. The PTC is not impressed at all by the hiring of Stern and is now urging America’s Got Talent advertisers to boycott the series. The PTC feel that Stern is not an appropriate choice for judge on the NBC series.

It is not the first time the PTC has criticised the hiring of Stern; they originally voiced their displeasure in December when the news was first announced. As NBC have stuck by their decision – and seemingly ignored the PTC’s disapproval – the organisation has stepped up their campaign by writing to the advertisers of the talent show.

The PTC is well versed in running campaigns against shows with NBC drama The Playboy Club a recent victim though its demise was down to poor ratings and not the lobby group. MTV‘s remake of teen-drama Skins was another victim of a PTC campaign; its demise was also due to poor ratings. The PTC has also taken offence to episodes of Family Guy, Gossip Girl, Glee, Two and a Half Men and NYPD Blue.

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