Prices Down, Fiona Up at GMTV

GMTVGMTV fans seem to be pretty vocal when it comes to their favourite morning show. News that Katie Price is to appear was met with distaste, while Fiona Phillips return to fill in for Lorraine Kelly was welcomed with open arms.



Facebook is the perfect place to gage opinions, its not over moderated like some forums so you get a chance to see the real view of what people think of their favourite telly shows.


Today GMTV Fans had a double dose of news from the breakfast show.


First of all the early risers were treated to the news reality television face Katie Price is to take up valuable airtime to promote her first single release. Reports suggest it isn’t likely to make the top 40 so the wife of Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid is on a promotion spree.


Julie Kober said “That will be me switching over to the beeb, how can you give her air time when there are some many normal people that have truly great stories to tell, some sad and some happy, but so much more worthy than this, well I cant even come up with a description for her anymore.” While Sandra Hearne added “Why does she need to show her life to us the nation…. An moans about the papers writing a story about her ‘private life’ ???? Keep it private love no one cares!!!!”


Clare Smith wasn’t really bothered either, “Who cares what she has to say, Or what she is currently doing or what problems she’s causing I will not be watching!!!” Samantha Acott Law thought that a different guest might be more worthy, “It would’ve been cheaper and more entertaining if you’d replaced her with a monkey.”


And Julie Kober observed “Not quite the reaction GMTV were hoping for me thinks lol” Which seems to be the case with most of their Facebook announcements this week.


The news American Music Producer Mark Ronson is also to appear on the big red sofa was met with equal amounts of scoffing, including from Nik Smith who posted on GMTV’s wall after the broadcaster described said musician as a ‘superstar’ “SUPERSTAR!! First Jordan [Katie Price] and now this crank! You need to get some REAL guests!

Fiona Phillips, GMTV


However the news that former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips is returning to the recently axed breakfast show was met with a much more positive response. Phillips last worked for GMTV in December 2008 after quitting her main host role after over a decade of early mornings.

Fiona will be the first of a number of guest presenters to fill in on the 8.30-9.25am slot while Lorraine Kelly takes a holiday.


Lisa Seels said “YAY!! I liked Fiona, dippy but very good at her job.” We think that’s praise, while “It will be great to see Fiona back on the sofa!” exclaimed Lorraine Collins. Sue Skinner appears to be one of Fiona’s biggest fans adding “If you kept Fiona you’d get loads more viewers I miss her she’s great, cant wait haven’t really watched it since she finished x.”


GMTV say on Phillips return: “Guest presenting ‘GMTV with Lorraine’, Fiona will host the show for two weeks during the summer months, starting next Monday [July 19th]”


And Fiona adds: “I’ve spent nearly a third of my life so far sitting on the GMTV sofa, so I’m really excited to be going back to see my old mates and the viewers again.”

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