All-My-Children-mediumFormer ABC daytime soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children may not be quite as dead as everyone assumed.

The two daytime serials, created by soap icon Agnes Nixon, were axed by ABC in 2011 but were originally slated to continue online in a deal between the broadcaster and production company Prospect Park. However, the proposed continuation of both serials were later abandoned as Prospect Park reportedly struggled to find the funding to continue the two soaps and also had difficulties in reaching agreements with various Unions.

The abandonment of the planned continuations was the end of the story for many with fans mourning the passing of One Life to Live and All My Children. In true soap opera style though it appears there’s a twist in the story and that the end may not have come for either serial after all. Deadline reports that a new deal has reportedly been agreed by Prospect Park and several Unions.

Although there is no official word from Prospect Park regarding the rumoured deals talks are said to be underway between the company and actors from both soaps. A number of OLTL actors did sign up to continue their roles – far more actors than for AMC – before the deal fell through. Of course several OLTL actors have since cropped up on ABC’s last remaining soap General Hospital playing the same characters.

The news will no doubt be a huge Christmas present for fans of both soaps but you couldn’t blame them for being cautious – after all they’ve been promised continuations of both soaps before and were left disappointed….

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