Freema Agyeman as Martha JonesA report in a tabloid newspaper claims that Freema Agyeman will reprise her role of Martha Jones in one the Doctor Who specials that will air this year.

Doctor, Jack and Martha in Series Three finaleA report in The Sun newspaper claims that Freema Agyeman has agreed to reprise her role of Martha Jones for a guest appearance in one of this year’s Doctor Who specials. Agyeman was last seen in the role in the season four finale which also saw Elizabeth Sladen, John Barrowman and Billie Piper also reprise their respective roles on the BBC series.

“Freema’s on board. It’s early days so it’s unclear what exactly Martha will be up to in the new show,” claims a BBC insider to The Sun

Agyeman played Martha Jones for the third season of Doctor Who before crossing over to Martha and the Torchwood teamTorchwood for three episodes and then returning to Doctor Who for five episodes during its fourth season. The actress also recently guest starred in the opening episode of Survivors and also starred in Little Dorrit. Later this year she’ll be seen alongside Bill Paterson and Jamie Bamber in ITV’s version of Law and Order. The BBC have yet to comment on Agyeman’s supposed return to the series so it’s best to take The Sun story with a pinch of salt!

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