A Sunday newspaper is claiming that Christine Bleakley is to move to ITV later in the year.  Updated with BBC reaction.


 Bleakley, who hosts BBC’s The One Show is expected to move to ITV to host GMTV, which will see big changes in September. Earlier in the year it was announced that her former co-host Adrian Chiles will present GMTV on a regular basis.
News Of The World are claiming that she has defected to ITV due to a massive £6million deal. A so called insider apparently told NOTW “This shows how ruthlessly ambitious Christine is. She went to ITV for the money but could have earned a fortune at the BBC in the next few years.”


A spokesman for the BBC told ATV Network Today : “She (Christine Bleakley) is  under contract until later in the year so all these reports are pure speculation”


We should also point out that over the recent weeks there has been many such articles claiming the presenter is planning to defect to ITV – all of which have been denied by Bleakley herself.

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