BBC One’s consumer rights programme Watchdog is undergo a revamp which will include it going out as a live programme after its new hour-long format in the Autumn didn’t prove a hit with audiences.

Watchdog, the BBC One consumer rights programme, is to undergo another BBCrevamp just months after being retooled following the return of Anne Robinson to front the series. In the autumn with Robinson’s return to the series it moved to an hour-long format after having previously aired for 30 minutes under Nicky Campbell’s tenure as anchor. The show also included a studio audience as part of its revamp but although it initially attracted viewer interest, curious to see Robinson’s return, ratings soon began to decline. The Robinson fronted series attracted an average audience of 3.9 million viewers but Campbell’s average audience was higher with 4.5 million.

So the corporation has ordered another revamp of the programme ahead of its return in the spring. The shows return has been delayed to allow the revamp to take place but the BBC has increased its episode order to show its faith in the series. Plans include Watchdog airing live and a move back to studios in Television Centre. It’s also possible the series will go back to its half hour format especially if it were to air live as an hour of live television may prove too risky to produce.


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