Rupert Murdoch flying to London after Sun arrests

Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch is said to be flying to London after five journalists were arrested at The Sun newspaper.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the CEO of News Corp is once again heading to London to handle a crisis with one of his newspapers. In the early hours of Saturday morning five journalists from The Sun newspaper were arrested as part of Operation Elveden; the police investigation into payments made by journalists to police officers for information.

Neither Murdoch nor other senior News Corp members, or even The Sun’s editor Dominic Mohan, were informed of the arrests beforehand. As well as five Sun journalists a police officer, a Ministry of Defence official and a serving member of the Armed Forces were also arrested in the early hours. The latest arrests of Sun journalists comes just two weeks after four senior journalists were also arrested; also as part of Operation Elveden.

Now it is being reported that Rupert Murdoch is heading to London as The Sun newspaper faces quite possibly the biggest crisis since the Australian took over the tabloid in the 1960s. The fact that more journalists on the paper have been arrested will once again put one of Murdoch’s newspapers under the spot-light. Last year Sunday tabloid News of the World was closed down following revelations of wide-spread phone-hacking.

It seems unlikely, but not impossible, that The Sun could also be sacrificed should further arrests happen or if there are any damaging revelations that come to light in the near future.

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