Salford Move For Cash-Strapped BBC

The BBC are crying poverty, apparently core departments can’t afford the basics so the BBC tell ATV, yet they can afford – they confirm today – a move of BBC Breakfast to Manchester.


“The move is part of the measures aimed at building a new relationship with audiences across the UK from the base in the north of England which opens next year. Teams from BBC Sport, Children’s BBC, Learning, Radio 5 Live, FM&T and local BBC Manchester staff are already due to relocate.” The BBC say.


The BBC has decided to produce more programming outside of London and the corporation have as part of this announced a number of departments and programmes that are to relocate to their new hub in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.


However ATV TV Critic Mike Garrett says: “The final 45 minutes of Breakfast is a ‘liter’ show and often has many guests in-studio for a chat. The reason This Morning partly moved to London from Liverpool was the fact celebrities won’t travel for a nine minute interview. The BBC know this only too well from their own Birmingham based Good Morning show.”


The BBC will use the move of Breakfast to build on the show’s current success they claim and enhance its strong reputation for providing news and features from across the UK. ITV of course have done the opposite in recent years moving away from regional to a more nationalised production unit based in London, Leeds and Manchester.


More than three hours per day of live BBC One output will now come from Salford, demonstrating the BBC’s commitment to audiences across the UK. Others would suggest that a studio is a studio and it doesn’t matter where it is based as long as its providing quality output.


Helen Boaden, Director, BBC News, said: “BBC Breakfast is the most watched breakfast programme in the UK and loved by millions. It has a fantastic connection with audiences across the UK and we want to build on that. Clearly this involves personal and professional decisions for the talented team who make Breakfast but we will be supporting them to reach an informed judgement about the move.”


 The BBC has faced criticism for wasting valuable tax payers money. From the top executive that takes an awful lot of business trips to India (what do the BBC do in India actually?) to the refurbishment of the BBC’s old North West studios – which after said refit were closed and never used, to the closure of BBC Pebble Mill, which it was later revealed happened when the production of Doctors at the studios was “accidentally over looked” by accountants. The Midland soap had to shack up with a local University and use their media base.

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