Welcome to another Saturday @ Six from ATV Today. This week we’ve got a lot to cover from over the last few weeks – due to our Sir Bruce Forsyth special last week – so lets crack on with news from the world of TV and Soap.


The Final Tweet


The Manchester Evening News recently reported that Coronation Street star Shobna Gulati has quit Twitter after receiving racial abuse. The 44-year-old actress who plays Sunita Alahan has received race hate messages over the past two weeks.

The newpaper says that she posted a message on Twitter saying “Surprised at the racial abuse and desire to try and hurt people for no reason. I think I’m giving Twitter a wee rest..gobsmacked”. But she has now decided to quit Twitter altogether telling her 18,467 followers “Thanks for the banter. I’ve enjoyed my time on Twitter. Over and out”.

Shoba who is of Indian descent, has campaigned against racism and intolerance and used Twitter to spread information about her campaigns.

Stuve Hulson who played Eddie Windass in Corrie posted a message saying “Absolutely disgusted to see that my lovely friend has been driven off Twitter because of racists. Shame on them”.

In other Corrie twittering news Gay Corrie star Anthony Cotton has threatened to report a Twitter user to police after he received homophopbic messages. The messages, sent by now defunct user kittykatlovex called Anthony a faggot.

One posting also said `I hope you get Aids and die you freak’. Terrible that anyone should be mocked for being homosexual in this day and age. Although some have suggested his Corrie character belongs in the 1970s…


No Cole for Cowell

Simon Cowell’s battle to re-instate Cheryl Cole on the US X Factor as well all know failed. Show bosses have confirmed that Nicole Scherzinger would take Cheryl’s place after being dumped after just four auditions. She was rumoured to have been given a second chance by US show bosses a week on Sunday after Simon Cowell proclaimed “My choice would be to have Cheryl on the show”.

While later The Sun proclaimed Cheryl Axe is No Big Deal. Simon Cowell says “It wasn’t really such a big deal as everyone thought. Truth is, you’ve got to move on. It’s about the contestants. They’ve got no interest in us bickering”.

51-year-old Simon said he hoped Cheryl would forgive him after she was axed after judging four auditions. “I hope we’re going to be friends going forward. She’ll be mad at me for a while but I didn’t do anything wrong. All that happened was that I said to her because we have a lot of shows around the world, that I wanted her to front the UK show and that was it and she said No”.

Meanwhile in today’s Sun its reported Cheryl Cole isn’t ready to give up on her American dream and wants to spill the beans to Piers Morgan on his CNN snow, The thing is, nobody cares over there and Morgan owes his TV career to Cheryl’s ex boss Simon Cowell.


Royal Words of Wisdom

Last week Prince Philip celebrated his 90th Birthday. Here we celebrate some of his more famous comments courtesy of the Daily Mail.

On State Visits

`You look like you’re ready for bed’ – To the President of Nigeria, who was wearing traditional robes.

`Do you still throw spears at each other’ – To aboriginal leader William Brin during a visit to the Aboriginal Cultural Park in Queensland 2002.

On Europe

`Damn fool question’ – To a BBC journalist at the Elysee Palace after she asked The Queen if she was enjoying her stay.

`You can’t have got here that long, you haven’t got a pot belly’ – To a British tourist he met during a tour of Hungarian capital Budapest in 1993.

On Scotland

`How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test’ – To a Scottish driving instructor in 1995.

On China

`If you stay here long enough you will go home with slitty eyes’ – To a British student on a visit to China in 1986

On Multi-Cultural Britain

`There’s alot of your family in tonight’ – After noticing business leader Atul patel’s name badge during a Buckingham Palace reception for 400 influential British Indians in 2009.

On Women

`You are a woman aren’t you?’ – To a Kenyan woman in 1984, after accepting a state gift.

`If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she isn’t interested’ – On his daughter Princess Anne

On Celebrity

`I wish he’d turn the microphone off’ – During Elton John’s performance at the 73rd Royal Variety Show 2001

On Food and Drink

`Get me a beer. I don’t care what kind it is, just get me a beer’ – On being offered fine Italian wines by Prime Minister Giulano Amato at a dinner in Rome 2000.

On Art and Fashion

`You didn’t design your beard too well, did you ? You must really try better with your beard’ – To a young fashion designer at Buckingham Palace in 2009.


More BBC Cuts News…

Digital channels BBC3 and BBC4 could be dropped while the Corporation fights to save the World Service, the BBC’s new Chairman has suggested.

Lord Patten has vowed to lobby Foreign Secretary William Hague to ensure protection for the World Service hich is facing funding cuts. He told a Sunday newspaper that the Arabic, Somali and Hindi services were “at the core of what the BBC is doing”.

The BBC is also considering cutting back on its coverage of major sports events and slashing top bosses pay while keeping celebrity presenters salaries secret, it was claimed last night.

The BBC is facing government demands to cut 20% from its overall budget, and Lord Patten suggested either BBC3 or 4 could go. He said at least one major sporting event could be lost, possibly putting tennis at Wimbledon, the Grand National or The Ryder Cup under threat.

Well at least Patten hasn’t decided to sell the old Beeb off to China yet.


Cor’ Blimey, Cindy’s Accent’s Gone a bit Wonky in Weatherfield

Michelle Collins got slated by Corrie fans for her “shockingly bad” Northern accent during her debut on Wednesday. Despite hours with a dialect coach viewers swamped web forums and Twitter as Michelle stumbled over Mancunian vowels The Sun reports today.

Fan @Steve-Townley wrote “Michelle Collins trying to speak Northern, how long before she says E by gum?”

Twitter user @Melonhead999 said “Michelle Collins has to go, for crimes against accents. She must depart Coronation St and never return”.

But Producer Phil Collinson said yesterday “I think her accent’s great. People will get used to it. Within a couple of weeks she’ll be Stella – she won’t be Cindy anymore”.


Wonderwall Not So Secure

Richard and Judy believe they were burgled by a famous thief. Richard recently made the revelation that they suffered a 4.00 a.m. burglary that saw their house ransacked as the couple and their children, Chloe now 23 and Jack now 24 slept. Richard suspects that a well known person was responsible for the shocking crime.

Speaking to Woman’s Own Richard has publicly blamed former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher aged 38 for the break-in which happened before Liam and brother Noel became household names with their rock band.

Richard – aged 55 – and Judy – aged 63 – were working on This Morning which was being broadcast from Liverpool’s Albert Dock at the time. They lived in Didsbury, Manchester, where they had moved in 1986. Liam who was then 17 lived less than two miles away in Burnage.

Richard says “We think Liam burgled our house. He was doing a lot of robbing at the time and we were living close to them”.

While their celebrity status would have made them an obvious target for any petty thief, Richard admits he’s always suspected Liam might have been behind the crime – especially after his brother Noel brazenly admitted the pair “had burgled houses and nicked car stereos” in their misspent youth.

Liam who was expelled from school at 15 has said “We did em, we did em and I might even do another one tonight”.

While he has never denied the crime, Liam has been unable to confirm that he had broken into Richard & Judy’s home in the early 1990’s.

“We put it to Oasis that they were the ones who came through our house at 4.00 a.m” says Richard. “We’ve asked Liam if it was him”“But unfortunately he can’t remember as he was out of it on drugs”. says Judy.


Strictly Motherhood

Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman six months pregnant with her 3rd child when asked the question by Womans Own “Will you have more children?” replied “Babies are like Pringles – once you pop, you can’t stop!” She then added “I’d like two more, but I’ve had to sign something for my husband that says this is the last one”.

Claudia has been married to Film Producer Kris Thykier for 11 years. Their two other children are: Jake (8) and Matilda (5). Her mother is journalist and former newspaper editor Eve Pollard. Her half sister the actress former Sophie Winkleman is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince & Princess Michael of Kent. Prince Michael’s older brother and sister are The Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra. All first cousins of The Queen.


In Brief


  • The boss of BBC’s EastEnders, Bryan Kirkwood is trying to lure a big name back to the soap – but he won’t say who reports todays Sun newspaper.


  • 65-year-old film star Helen Mirren told Woman magazine of her anti-ageing secret “I sleep a lot, I sleep all the time” she laughed “I just love sleeping”.


  • The Metro newspaper reported last week that Michael Barrymore has pulled out of a summer season at the North Pier in Blackpool. A source revealed the cost of security at the show was a “huge factor”. Its not clear if the security was to keep fans away or foes…


  • Coronation Street star Keith Duffy, who plays barman Ciaran, has had a ‘teeth job’ according to last weeks Sun newspaper: He’s spent a fortune on veneers and crowns. Keith told The Sun, “I’d had chipped front teeth since being hit by a car as a kid. How I’ve finally got them done”. The 36-year-old is also of course famous for being part of Irish man-band, Boyzone.


  • As we celebrated last week Bruce Forsyth has been knighted in The Queen’s Birthday Honours after 72 years in showbiz. The 82-year-old was obviously thrilled at the news. However there is no word whether the wig will be honoured too.


  • The Metro newspaper told us to also expect less Matt Smith in Doctor Who. The reason the show was split into two series, they claim, is due to the rising costs of special effects which means less of the Doctor. In the old days the special effects budget would buy some polystyrene and a poof of smoke…


  • Former Blue Peter Presenter Anthea Turner says of Blue Peter “It’s a fantastic show to do – although the sad thing is the viewing figures aren’t what they were”. In other words, the Daily Mail state, she wants you to know that they aren’t what they were when she was presenting it!


  • Corrie boses want to make the most of their ratings and screen more late night specials. Insiders tell The Sun “We can be braver with our storylines and show things we can’t at our earlier time slot”.


  • Paul O’Grady told the Daily Mail that he wants to star in a Bollywood move. He said “You know those huge dance scenes they have? I want to star in one. It’s one of my last ambitions. I love Bollywood”. Paul recently hit the headlines after homing a Lamb which had been dumped in a rubbish bin.


  • David Cameron was delighted and surprised to see so many waiting fans outside ITV’s This Morning’s studios when he arrived on last Friday to be interviewed reported the News of the World. But sadly they were not there for him, but were waiting to greet Lady Gaga who was in the next studio for the Paul O’Grady show. And she had more bodyguards then the PM.


  • When Comedian Jo Brand was asked if she was a snob in any way she told the Sunday Express, “I have no inner snob. What really annoys me are rich people and their ridiculous rules of etiquette. Give me a litter-dropping, sweary thug any time”.


  • Who is facing the axe on daytime programme Loose Women? The Metro newspaper asked last week. They state that ratings are well down and ITV bosses want “radical changes”. Well call me old fashioned but we can remember a time when Loose Women had a regular rotating panel of women rather than the same old has-beens and the debate content was above the navel…


  • Filming on new Sky1 comedy Mount Pleasant has only just wrapped, says the Daily Mail today but executives are already planning series two. Described as “Desperate Housewives meets Cold Feet, with a pinch of Sex And The City thrown in”, it stars former Coronation Street lead Sally Lindsay (Shelley Unwin) in her first role since giving birth to twins last September.


Complaints About Dales Death

TV Regulator Ofcom is assessing complaints about Emmerdale’s assisted suicide storyline which was screened last week. Ofcom received a number of complaints which saw tetraplegic character Jackson Walsh take his own life after being given a cocktail of drugs by his lover Aaron Livesey.

The dramatic scenes were shown on ITV1 at around 7.30 p.m. well before the 9.00 p.m. watershed. Ofcom will assess whether the scenes may have breached any harm and offence rules. No decisions will be made until the storyline concludes.

Actor Marc Silcock who played Jackson said the programme-makers had ensured the death was not glorified. He said “We ensured it wasn’t beautiful – it is horrific, because its a horrific thing”.

He is talking about the death scenes I take it and not the new opening titles…


And now, the latest News Hairlines

C4 Woman quits after row over her scruffy hair, stated the headline last week in the joyful Daily Mail. The paper reports Samira Ahmed, aged 42, who has been on Channel 4 news for 11 years announced her departure after clashes with bosses over her appearance. Her decision comes after claims she was repeatedly told by executives at ITN, which employs her, that Channel 4 chiefs did not like her hair.

Sources say she had been called into a room so bosses could point out on pictures of her what was wrong with her hair. Its also claimed that she was pressured into taking a demotion from her role as presenter to reporter. It is understood she has been given a pay-off to keep silent on the rows. Channel 4 News said `it was focused on the fantastic news appointments to our presenting line up’.

Miss Ahmed has secured work at the BBC on Radio 4. She has refused to comment. There has been some notable great hairdos on TV news over the years, the queen of news style still being the wonderful Moria Stewart in our humble opinion.


And now for a Musical Interlude

The BBC threw open an invitation for the public to choose their own Desert Island Discs. More than 25,000 people sent in their 8 treasured choices, for a special edition of the Radio 4 programme last Saturday. Top two choices were British composers, plus Queen and Pink Floyd in there too.

Desert Island Favourites

1. Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending
2. Sir Edward Elgar – Enigma Variations
3. Beethoven – `Choral’ Symphony No. 9 in D minor
4. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
5. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
6. Sir Edward Elgar – Cello Concerto in E minor
7. Handel – The Messiah
8. Holst – The Planets Suite

The Beatles did not figure in the list despite receiving more requests than the top 8 combined. The sheer number of songs chosen weighed against them the Sunday Express reported. One person who won’t be downloading any of the top eight will be Chris Evans…

The One Show presenter has admitted that he doesn’t know how to download music from the internet. Evans who is also a Radio 2 DJ told The Daily Mail he doesn’t even own a record collection, since his original discs fell out of the back of his car.

45-year-old Chris in an interview with Radio Times said “I’ve kept the first record I ever bought, which was Chuck Berry’s My Ding-a-Ling. But apart from that I don’t have a record collection, I don’t buy music. I don’t know how to download music. I haven’t got a computer or an MP3 player.”


Quote of the Week

Alan Carr talking to The Sun about which TV series he’d bring back: “Prisoner Cell Block H – But it should be a gay men’s jail with me, Graham Norton and Big Brother’s Brian Dowling. And Gok Wan could be the warden.”

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