Axed supernatural series The Secret Circle has topped an ATV Today poll to find which recently cancelled U.S television series our readers would save given the chance.

Earlier this month The CW announced that freshmen drama The Secret Circle, adapted from the novels by L.J Smith, had not been picked up for a second series despite its consistent ratings performance. The cancellation of the supernatural drama, which starred Thomas Dekker and Gale Harold, certainly surprised some within the industry as it was seen as a cert for renewal.

Fans of the series leapt into action in their bid to save the series; they launched several petitions and the campaign website Save The Secret Circle. The petitions have attracted thousands of signatures as fans band together in their hope that they will be able to change the minds of CW executives – or convince another broadcaster to pick up the series.

Well the fans have one reason to celebrate because The Secret Circle has topped a poll by ATV Today to find which recently cancelled U.S television series our readers would save given the chance. The Secret Circle topped the poll with a whopping 78% of the vote – no other show ever had a chance of winning as it ahead right from the start. The big landslide victory for The Secret Circle and is a testament to its fan base.

Cancelled CSI spin-off Miami came second in the poll with 5% of the vote. Fox‘s expensive dino-drama Terra Nova managed to win 3% of the vote while fellow Fox series Alcatraz, from J.J Abrams, managed to secure 2% of the vote. Sarah Michelle Gellar drama series Ringer also finished the poll with 2% of the vote. Pan-Am and Harry’s Law both finished with 1% of the vote and while GCB (Good Christian Bitches) did gain some votes the ABC series didn’t secure enough to push it past 0% of the vote!

ATV Today would like to thank everyone who voted in the poll. As ever your comments on the poll are welcome and you can post them below.

[Written by James Ryder & Leanne Bryan]

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