Secret Circle Tops Shows ATV Today Readers Would Save

Axed supernatural series The Secret Circle has topped an ATV Today poll to find which recently cancelled U.S television series our readers would save given the chance.

Earlier this month The CW announced that freshmen drama The Secret Circle, adapted from the novels by L.J Smith, had not been picked up for a second series despite its consistent ratings performance. The cancellation of the supernatural drama, which starred Thomas Dekker and Gale Harold, certainly surprised some within the industry as it was seen as a cert for renewal.

Fans of the series leapt into action in their bid to save the series; they launched several petitions and the campaign website Save The Secret Circle. The petitions have attracted thousands of signatures as fans band together in their hope that they will be able to change the minds of CW executives – or convince another broadcaster to pick up the series.

Well the fans have one reason to celebrate because The Secret Circle has topped a poll by ATV Today to find which recently cancelled U.S television series our readers would save given the chance. The Secret Circle topped the poll with a whopping 78% of the vote – no other show ever had a chance of winning as it ahead right from the start. The big landslide victory for The Secret Circle and is a testament to its fan base.

Cancelled CSI spin-off Miami came second in the poll with 5% of the vote. Fox‘s expensive dino-drama Terra Nova managed to win 3% of the vote while fellow Fox series Alcatraz, from J.J Abrams, managed to secure 2% of the vote. Sarah Michelle Gellar drama series Ringer also finished the poll with 2% of the vote. Pan-Am and Harry’s Law both finished with 1% of the vote and while GCB (Good Christian Bitches) did gain some votes the ABC series didn’t secure enough to push it past 0% of the vote!

ATV Today would like to thank everyone who voted in the poll. As ever your comments on the poll are welcome and you can post them below.

[Written by James Ryder & Leanne Bryan]

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11 thoughts on “Secret Circle Tops Shows ATV Today Readers Would Save

    1. The CW did not renew The Secret Circle for the second season Fall 2012. Instead The Vampire Diaries will be followed by Beauty and the Beast, on Tuesday nights up against Glee and New Girl. If you like TSC and want to see it perhaps on a different network, go to and sign the online petitions. Hey every voice counts! =]

  1. Wow! 78% is outstanding! I wish that the CW execs or perhaps another BRAVE network would step up to renew this show for a Season 2! TSC is one of the freshest supernatural dramas with an amazing breakout cast! The future plotlines for these characters are endless and with a helluva cliffhanger of a season finale. TSC consistently had the viewers each week, I really cannot understand the suits behind this decision. No offense but I can’t think of anything I would like to watch LESS than a rehash of Beauty and the Beast or lord forbid an hour long whine fest about a teenage Carrie *ick*. If your a fan of The Secret Circle and hope to see it again on another network go to the website and sign the online petitions!

  2. All I can say is SAVE THE SECRET CIRCLE. It is not the fault of the fans that the show was not promoted well. Nor is it our fault that the network made the dumb move to cancel it. Whether the network changes their minds or another station chooses to pick up the series, it belongs on the air. Considering how many people found out about the show regardless of the lack of promotion, they should have never cancelled it. I’m not shocked that The Secret Circle won the vote. I hope more people sign the petitions and join the fight. Should we as viewers suffer? I don’t think so. Why do we pay to watch cable networks and not get a say in what airs. I am tired of crime show, doctor shows, vampires, and lawyers. The Secret Circle, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and American Horror Story were the best shows of the year in my opinion. Hear the voice of the people and help us SAVE THE SECRET CIRCLE!

  3. I still can’t believe THIS show is cancelled. You got your showswhich happen to be almost exactly same with crime stories, vampires and werewolves, with the stupid teenage shows. Secret Circle is one of the best shows of the year with a great originality coming from the books. Do you actually care about anything but money? Listen to me for once. This show has fans. Fans who adore this show, obsess about it all the time and waited impatientally for next episode to come. Tv shows, movies, they all efect people a lot, they change their lives and become a huge part of them. Have you ever tought about those people? The ones you have broken? It might not be enough people for you to CARE but they are people with FEELINGS and now hurt and angry. Care about your audience don’t EVER underestimate them. You would be NOTHING without them. Now, GIVE US OUR SECRET CIRCLE BACK!!!!!!!

    1. Amen to that. And to anyone reading this, know that my friends and I are combining our efforts, ideas, adverticement and skill to write a fanfic of season 2.

      We are trying to do it really good, realistic, dramatic, romantic, and original like the show was. So far it has the first 5 episodes posted but since we started we try to get the chapters done every thursday, and episode 6 is schedule for july 5th. We mostly know how we want to get the season done and we plan to make it 22 episodes (chapters) long.

      So, to anyone interested, we have it on our Tumblr page

      Or you could read through the fanfiction link, which is

      If you read it and like it please review your opinion, even if it is a guest (anonymous) opinion. Well, for those interested, i hope you enjoy it.

  4. The secret circle was one of the most amazing acted and produced shows on TV and the fans deserve a proper conclusion! The series left off on an amazingly poignant situation only to never be concluded? We need to bring it back! I know so many people who only discovered the show this summer and are perplexed at its cancellation. The fans are there and I don’t see any reason why a second season wont be successful. Isn’t the immense amount of petitions evident enough?

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