Another Wednesday, another showbiz Round-up. Including news from Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Gary Barlow, Russell Grant, Noele Gordon, Justin Bieber, Piers Morgan, Dannii Mingoue and more…

Crystal Power for Cole?

Famous, well one time famous, astrologer Russell Grant is hoping to give Cheryl Cole back her sparkle – by using healing crystals The Sun reported recently. Worried pals of Cheryl contacted Russell in a bid to help her recover from her X Factor nightmare.

That’s of course what we all do in times of trouble, isn’t it? Forget the Samaritans, reach for sixty-year-old, strange jumper wearing, Russell Grant.

Russell, the one time stargazer on TV-am, who calls himself a “crystal power expert”, has sent three stones to 27-year-old Cheryl in a silk purse. Cheryl hasn’t been seen in public since Simon Cowell axed her from US X Factor last month. Her pals came up with the idea after they heard Paula Abdul had recommended the bizarre therapy to Cheryl during their brief time together on the judging panel.

Russell told The Sun “Cheryl needs this at the moment. I feel sorry for her. I think she has been really let down”. His gems are Amethyst, “which protects from psychic attack”, Tigers Eye “which brings protective energy” and Fluorite “to dissipate nervous energy”.

Some would say it’s a load of old crystal balls.

In Brief

  • Lady Gaga is a huge fan of Paul O’Grady and wants him in her next video. “I love his alter ego Lily Savage“, Metro newspaper reported. “I think she is totally cool with it all” Some viewers to Paul’s ITV interview with the Poker Face singer weren’t so taken with the special show, one commented, “She could have said she strangles kittens and he’d have smiled and said ‘fabulous’.”
  • Christine Bleakley announced her engagement to Frank Lampard with the revelation that “it was so private and romantic” – while telling viewers on her Daybreak show. Nothing like being private on national TV… It’ll be Hello next… The Daily Mail however were a little more suspicious of the news when it broke pondering the coincidence that a day after leaks that ITV executives want to chop the Daybreak `golden team’ of Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, Christine announces her engagement to Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard. The happy couple met at the Pride of Britain Awards. The last celebrity lovebirds who began their relationship there were Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.
  • Nicola Roberts may be about to upstage Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole in more ways than one. Not only is her solo career going swingingly, she says her dream is to appear on the X Factor.
  • Also in the Metro paper, Coleen Rooney hopes to pop up in a celebrity special of The Cube. “It’s my favourite show and Wayne enjoys it too” she says, desperately trying to get on to a television show. The quality and level of the serious news on Daybreak could see her as senior political correspondent…
  • Rejecting claims that her son Andy Murray can’t win Wimbledon until he cuts his apron strings, Judy Murray told the Daily Mail she’s just a normal supportive mum. Yet in the same interview she also revealed she still spoils him with his favourite sweets. “If I forget, he asks : “Where’s my Percy Pigs, Mum?”.
  • Peter Andre is making his love life more complicated by reportedly asking his dates to sign a contract saying he can sell his story first. Well after the Price of fame previously, he’s every right to be cautious. His series Peter Andre, The Next Chapter can be seen on ITV2 of course.
  • Piers Morgan has a few fans, well a couple, well one or two… in the USA anyway. And Barack Obama certainly seems not to be taking with the former editor who faked up stories. The President keeps turning down offers to appear on his CNN show. Well would you want to be interviewed by the man who tried to make British troops look like twits…

Bieber Is Pants

Whether you like his music or not, Justin Bieber is really pants according to today’s Sun newspaper. They tell us that the girl-aimed, teen-singer is having to destroy his underwear to stop ‘fan’s trying to steal it.

Apparently his ‘adoring fans’, who you’d think would be happy for a signed photograph or earplugs, keep trying to get hold of his smalls by any means possible.

“A hotel employee in Canada was recently caught with the singer’s smalls in her purse” the newspaper states. Bieber’s underwear is being incinerated after he’s worn them. Would just be easier to wear none surely…

Strictly Formerly X Factor

Dannii Mingoue is in talks to take part in Strictly Come Dancing the Daily Mail reported last week. But, the paper suggests, she could be back on our screens sooner, having been asked to join ITV’s flagship magazine show This Morning over the summer.

A source said “We wanted Dannii to cover Holly Willoughby’s maternity leave but couldn’t make the dates work. She’s keen on the idea so we’re talking about her doing a fashion slot instead“.

Dannii is of course known for her many years of experience in the world of garment design and making of said items.

30 Year On From ATV Axing of Nolly Gordon

We couldn’t let today pass without noting its 30 years since Noele Gordon was sacked from ATV and top-rating TV soap Crossroads by incoming producers Central Television.

The actress had been the lynchpin of the saga since 1964 and was said to have been dropped in a bid to have the entire serial axed due to its unpopularity with television critics. Between 1968 and 1981 she won more soap gongs than any other actor, a feat still unbeaten.

Noele, who helped found ATV in the 1950s, had more press coverage in 1981 than the Pope being shot in the same year. She died of Cancer in 1985.

Nolly Facts

  • Noele was the first person to be transmitted to a television in colour, when she took part in the early experiments with John Logie Baird.
  • She was the first female television executive and producer in the UK. She was head of lifestyle and women’s output at ATV, and also directed and produced some of the station’s output.
  • She hosted the first ITV chat show in 1956, Tea with Noele Gordon and went on to front the network’s first daily music and variety series, Lunchbox.
  • Noele was the first woman to interview a British Prime Minster for ATV News.
  • She was one of the Women of the Year in 1959
  • 27,000 people turned up to see her at an outside broadcast in 1959, ATV only expected 3,000.
  • She was the first woman to host a sports programme in the UK, firstly with ATV Sports News and latterly her own sport series, A New Angle on Noele Gordon.
  • She headed Britian’s first half-hour daily soap, launching Crossroads in 1964, she remained for over 3000 episodes.

A One For Boy George

Boy George recently turned 50, and his famous claim to fame, before tying up cute boys for kicks, was that he liked a nice cup of tea over sex. So thanks to the Daily Mail, here is how to make the perfect cup of char.

A team of university researchers has devised a mathematical formula for the ideal brew, the newspaper say, which shows that it is best drunk exactly 6 minutes after being made. The optimum brewing time is 2 minutes and the ideal amount of milk is 10 ml. The perfect drinking temperature of 60 deg C is achieved 6 minutes later – but after 17 minutes and 30 seconds the tea will be past its best as it falls below 45 deg C.

Or as the scientists at the University of Northumbria put it in their formula : TB + (H20 at 190 degrees centigrade) 2 minutes BT + C (10ml) 6 minutes BT = PC (at OT 60 degrees centigrade).

If you’re wondering TB means tea bag, BT is brewing time, C is milk, PC means perfect cuppa and OT stands for optimum temperature.

Best Brew List

  • 1. Add 200 ml of boiled water to your tea bag (in a mug)
  • 2. Brew for 2 mins
  • 3. Remove the tea bag
  • 4. Add 10 ml of milk
  • 5. Wait 6 mins for it to reach its optimum temperature of 60 deg C

Quote of the Week

X Factor hopefuls should get an easier ride with Gary Barlow on the panel claimed the Metro paper. The new judge says “I have a hard time telling people no. They all seem nice”. You know who to ask to lend a fiver off then…

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