SkinsFans of E4 teen-drama Skins are reportedly threatening to boycott the series after a brutal murder in the last episode killed off one of their favourite characters. Warning: May contain spoilers if you have not seen the most recent episode of Skins.  

Luke PasqualinoThe Sun is reporting that angry fans of E4 series Skins are threatening to boycott the next episode of the teen-drama because of a brutal murder in the previous episode which killed off a fan favourite. The character of Freddie [Luke Pasqualino] was murdered in the last episode when Doctor John Foster [Guest-star Hugo Speer] became obsessed with Freddie’s girlfriend Effy [Kaya Scoldelario. While it’s not the first time Skins has killed off a character [Chris, played by Joe Dempsie, was killed off in season two] it is the first time a regular character has been murdered within the series.


Following the episode the tabloid reports fans took to internet forums to fume over the death of the character. However, E4 told the paper their audience expects adult content and that they had only received 11 complaints over the episode. Skins has shocked its audience before with the conclusion of season one seeing Tony [Nicholas Holt] hit by a bus and, as previously stated, the death of Chris in season two.

  E4 announced last week it had commissioned two more seasons of Skins but was looking for a brand new cast as the current stars of the series, which includes Jack O’Connell, will be written out at the conclusion of its current fourth season.

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