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Special Report: The End is Nigh

Special Report: The End is Nigh


NBCAt one time it looked as if nothing could stop the rise of Sci Fi and Cult programmes on both sides of the pond but now the bubble may be burst as a range of shows have already been axed and for others the axe man is looming. So we take a look at some Sci Fi and cult programmes for which the end may be very much nigh.



Already axed, Pushing DaisiesThere was a time when channels on both sides of the pond were commissioning more cult and Sci Fi programmes thanks to the success of shows such as Lost, Prison Break and Heroes but the future doesn’t look so bright now. While some programmes have been lucky to get new episodes orders others have already been dropped, such as Pushing Daisies and Life on Mars, while the axe-man is looming for others. So we take a look at some shows that don’t look likely to get new episode orders.



Knight Rider: NBC


The revived 1980s series has already gone under at least three “reboots”, revamps to most people, in NBCits short history. First there was the pilot which “rebooted” the original premise and then followed the weekly series which was a “reboot” of the pilot. Half way through the weekly series as ratings dropped another “reboot” was ordered to get dwindling audiences back. Then NBC decided to cut back on the amount of episodes they ordered – dropping five. With this kind of history behind it the future certainly doesn’t look good for Knight Rider and with ratings still low it’s as a good as axed.



The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Fox


Let’s be honest here the fact that the series made it to the end of its second series without being Probable axe - Sarah Connor Chroniclescancelled shocked many. Many media insiders expected Fox to cancel it mid-season but creative problems with Dollhouse saw Fox commission more episodes of this Terminator spin-off, shocking many. However, low ratings have continually dogged the series and many have written it off already. Reports have already suggested that Fox has cancelled the series but there’s been no official confirmation from Fox over this. But in all likelihood this is a show that’s dead in the water.



Dollhouse: Fox


Another show that’s been plagued by disappointing ratings and creative problems from the off. There Struggling Dollhouseare conflicting reports emerging stateside about the future of the show. Some state that Fox will commission new episodes after reviews turned more positive but others state the show is likely to be cancelled. In favour of Dollhouse it’s written by Joss Whedon who gave the world Buffy and Angel but on the downside he also gave us Firefly which was also cancelled prematurely. It’s hard to call which way Dollhouse will go but its future is anything but secure


Primeval: ITV1


The show has struggled so far with tough competition from BBC One in the form of Robin Hood and PrimevalDoctor Who. The first episode lost out to Robin Hood while the second episode, of the third series, took the lead over the historical series it still dropped below four million in doing so. Over Easter when it clashed with Doctor Who ratings for the dino-drama plummeted to well below three million – not a good sign. However, an American remake or spin-off is in the works and a movie version which is a good sign as it shows producers still have faith in the show. As long as Primeval recovers in the ratings over the next few weeks and doesn’t fall below four million again it’s future should be okay.



Demons: ITV1


According to some reports that series has already been cancelled by ITV after Phillip Glenister Cast of Demonsdeclined to return for a second season. ITV denied that the series had been cancelled although didn’t confirm or deny whether or not Glenister had quit the series. Demons didn’t go down to well with critics, nor did Glenister’s American accent, and although ratings started off well they soon dropped off. If Demons was renewed it would need a creative reboot to iron out the various problems from  its first series but in all honesty we don’t expect it to be back.



Robin Hood: BBC One


There are several factors that mean the series faces an uncertain future. For starters it’s up against Primeval which means the audience has to decide which series to watch as both target the same BBCaudiences – families. Ratings haven’t been stable so far with it leading against Primeval for the first week, dropping down by over a million for its second week, while recovering for its third. Robin Hood needs stable ratings of over five million really and needs to beat ITV. However, another factor against it is the fact that lead actor Jonas Armstrong, who plays Robin Hood, is leaving at the end of the series and Keith Allen, the Sherriff of Nottingham, has also announced he wouldn’t be a part of a fourth series. So it begs the question can Robin Hood survive if Robin Hood leaves? Well Robin of Sherwood did in the 1980s as they just replaced Robin with a copycat. Will the BBC series do the same? Well that remains to be seen. It’s future isn’t secured but nor is it a write-off.




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