Splash-Tom-Daley-ITVThe second episode of ITV‘s new celebrity diving series Splash! will air tonight but will ratings fall after the critics savage response to last week’s opening installment?

Splash! has certainly made headlines and generated lots of press interest for ITV but most of it hasn’t been complimentary. The critical response to last week’s opening installment was to label the series a new low for ITV with Olympian Tom Daley the only positive point for many TV Critics. The format of the series and the celebrity participants were all criticised. Even celebrity contestant Tina Malone admitted the series was “rubbish”.

Ratings for the first episode of Splash! were a decent 5.4 million viewers with a peak of 6 million. But will the critics harsh response to the new entertainment series hurt its ratings this week? Will Splash! ratings sink or will it manage to stay afloat and prove the critics wrong?

More importantly will you be watching Splash! tonight? Post your comments below using the form

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