Actor and comedian Stephen Fry has accused the BBC of dishing up ‘incredibly bland’ TV.


Actor and comedian Stephen Fry has accused the BBC of dishing up ‘incredibly bland’ TV. The actor said that in the wake of the Sachsgate scandal – whipped up into a frenzy by The Daily Mail – the corporation was too frightened to produce anything too daring or controversial and so serve up ‘incredibly dull’ television.


The adventure and excitment have gone out of programming – and a lot of its down to fear. When they’re brought something new, the executive gets cold feet, falls back on something else and we end up with something incredibly bland. You can’t really go wrong by saying no to an idea – and for a creative institution that’s death” – Stephen Fry in the Radio Times


The Sachsgate scandal, just in case you’ve forgotten, involved Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross leaving lewd messages on the answering machine of actor Andrew Sachs. The Daily Mail whipped up a media storm about the messages and thousands of people who hadn’t even heard the offensive programme in question complained to the BBC. The scandal lead to the departures of Russell Brand and the Radio Two controller Lesley Douglas even though she had no different involvement with the programme. Ultimately the scandal also led to the departure of Ross himself from the BBC earlier this year.


Stephen Fry criticised television earlier in the year for “dumbing down” and accused the BBC of promoting shows such as Doctor Who and Merlin, family dramas, over bold and new dramas. However, Fry is also a fan of Doctor Who so his comments were not a direct attack on the series itself. Earlier this week Trevor Eve also criticised the BBC for concentrating too heavily on Doctor Who and similar shows. You can read more on that story by clicking here >>


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