Steven Moffat reveals Doctor Who Character Is Bisexual

Steven Moffat has revealed a character on Doctor Who is bisexual.

During a Twitter conversation with fans last week Doctor Who show-runner Steven Moffat revealed that a character on the BBC sci-fi series was bisexual. Moffat revealed one of the characters was bisexual when he was asked how the Doctor would respond to gay marriage – an issue getting attention at home and abroad of late especially given President Barack Obama’s declaration of support for same-sex marriage.

Moffat’s response to the question was “You’d have to explain gay to him first”. Obviously fans were quick to point out that Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) was pansexual and routinely flirted with men – as well as women and even the Doctor himself. Then there’s River Song who not only flirted with the Doctor but married him in the season six finale – though technically that time-line never happened but that’s time though for you.

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As one fan wrote “but he met jack harkness!!! and he was with river!!! how could he not know gay vs. straight?!”. Moffat’s reply outted River Song as bisexual. “Both of whom are happily bi. He comes from a world where such narrow views seem so ridiculous they’re hard to remember”

So River Song [Alex Kingston] is bisexual but given she comes from the same century as Captain Jack (the 51st century) it’s not all that surprising. After all it was stated in Jack’s introduction story [The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances] that by the 51st century society had changed in regards to sexuality and no one identified themselves as “gay” or “straight”.

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  1. I hate that the us version ( miracle day) is portraying jack harkness as an all-gay character do americans have trouble figuring out what bisexuality is ? it’s not only sleeping with men AND women, the way they make him “gay” in that season really bothers me, it’s an insult to real fans

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