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Steven Moffat has talked about the impact the new Doctor Who companion will have on the show.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that current companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) would leave Doctor Who during its seventh season; subsequently it was revealed the duo’s final episode would be the fifth episode. It was later announced that former Emmerdale actress Jenna-Louise Coleman had been cast as the new companion for the Doctor (Matt Smith). Doctor Who show-runner has discussed the impact the new companions can have on the show in an interview with Richard Bacon.

It’s just very exciting. When a new companion comes in it sort of reboots the show a little bit, it makes you look at the Doctor differently, it makes the show feel different, that’s already happening. It’s literally a new beginning, you’re back to chapter one, in a way it’s always a story of someone getting to know the Doctor, and now it’s Jenna’s character. There’s a lot of ways (her character) will be different, but I’m not telling you what they are! Jenna is just wonderful and spiky and salty and clever: again – just as Doctor Who always does – it becomes a different show, and I’m thrilled with her, everyone’s going to be. – Steven Moffat on The Richard Bacon Show

While it’s been confirmed that Coleman will make her debut in this year’s Christmas Special the character’s name has yet to be revealed. In fact producers are keen to keep details about the new companion under wraps though admit between now and Coleman’s debut details are likely to be leaked to the press.

Coleman has started filming on Doctor Who though production has not yet started on the Christmas Special, her debut. It’s not unusual for television shows not to film debut episodes of new characters first so actors/actresses can settle into their roles before filming their first episode to be broadcast.

[Written by Dominic Knight, via the Doctor Who Newspage]

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