Steven Moffat Teases New ‘Scary’ Doctor Who Monster

Steven Moffat has teased he’s created a new ‘scary’ monster for Doctor Who.

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The writer reassured Doctor Who fans on Twitter that the latest nemesis for the Doctor (Matt Smith) would be a “good one” though he didn’t reveal any details of the monster itself. Moffat wrote “See this new monster I’ve invented? This is a GOOD one. This will SCARE you. Oh yes.”

As yet the only two monsters confirmed for the forthcoming seventh season are the Daleks which are expected to appear in the first episode and the Weeping Angels which will return for the final episode of Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). A number of monsters from the original series are rumoured to be returning; the Yeti, the Zygons and most recently the Ice Warriors. A report in the Daily Star newspaper claimed the Ice Warriors would be the first monster encountered by the show’s new companion “Clara” as played by Jenna Louise Coleman.

Three of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who creations recently made it into a poll by the Radio Times to find the show’s top ten monsters. The Weeping Angels topped the poll with 49% of the vote pushing the Daleks into second place with 17% of the vote. The Silence, the recurring villains of the sixth season, came third in the poll with 11.84% of the vote¬† while invisible piranha like Vashta Nerada came fifth with 6.81%.

Rumoured returning monsters the Zygons were 8th with 0.69% of the vote while the Ice Warriors were ninth with 0.54%.

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