The continuing battle between STV and ITV has taken another twist with the Scottish broadcaster launching a new legal claim against ITV.  

STVSTV Group plc announces that its wholly owned subsidiaries STV Central Limited and STV North Limited have issued legal proceedings against ITV Network Limited and ITV Broadcasting Limited relating to the exploitation of new media rights.

 Despite the new media rights being acquired and held for the benefit of all Channel 3 licensees, ITV Network and ITV Broadcasting have entered into commercial agreements without obtaining STV’s consent. These commercial agreements use and exploit new media rights in STV Central and STV North’s licence areas.  A claim seeking damages; declaratory relief to determine the precise basis on which such rights are held; and an injunction to prevent ITV Network and/or ITV Broadcasting from entering into any further new media rights agreements without STV’s consent, was filed on 16 November 2009.  Although the amount of damages will require expert evidence to determine STV estimates that they could be up to £12m.

Separately, in response to the proceedings issued by ITV, on 13 November 2009 STV submitted its Defence, including claims against ITV for £35m and an additional counter-claim in respect of the conduct of the Airtime Sales Agreement by ITV Consumer. STV is also expecting to file further claims regarding significant prejudicial behaviour on the part of ITV Network and ITV plc. 


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