Yes another week over, doesn’t time fly, and as usual its about time we had another round up of what’s good and bad in the world of soap news. Now this week, and only this week, we’re the Sunday Soap File. This delayed edition is down to myself spending a little time in London chatting up some media types. Thankfully only one was from ITV, and yes – I did keep an eye on my wallet when they were around.

Emmerdale Pushing Forward Soap Boundaries

Isn’t Emmerdale great? The soap is forever trying out new ideas, doing new un-touched storylines and pushing social boundaries forward. Or not as the case may be.

Yes, surprise surprise, the Yorkshire soap is going to have yet another fire. Dear me, can you imagine the excitement when one day the producer and writers will come up with something new for the soap, that possibly doesn’t involve a disaster or fire.

Top Tabloid Trash Stories

  • Emmerdale and ex-Brookside actor Tony Audenshaw is planning to run a marathon dressed as Tarzan. Isn’t that nice.

  • Patsy Kensit informs us all that she is happy with her life since hitting 40, apart from the cellulite. Oh well, least you don’t have legs like Rick Waller.

  • Joe Swash says his EastEnders character has not been the same since he was off work with meningitis. Well the acting certainly didn’t improve, that’s for sure.

  • Coronation Street star Jane Danson says that rumours she helped her husband land a role in the soap are untrue. Are you trying to suggest they picked him for acting ability Jane? Come on, we all know that once key-factor in getting a role on the steet is no longer a requirement. Tut.

Tell All Ya Friends

The People newspaper delighted in telling us that Amanda Drew, who played the now deceased and rather charred, Dr “Mad” May Wright in EastEnders, is “very good friends” with Catherine Tate.

Face, bovvered? Not in the least. Anyway the rag goes on to make an article of itself with more details of this dramatic news: “We worked on a play together in 1995 and stayed in touch. said the actress.

I’m so glad to know this, really, I am.

Littler Will Make It Big

Its goodbye and good luck to Hollyoaks actor Matt Littler, who bows out of the soap in dramatic style. Littler – Max Cunningham in the Chester soap – leaves the series in a body bag after marrying Steph Dean played by Carley Stenson. Littler has already produced and directed a movie, and is seeking other acting roles currently.

We shall miss the great on-screen partnership of Max and OB – played by Darren Jon Jeffries, however gossip has it that Darren and Matt may well become the next ‘Ant and Dec’ the pair would like to host a comedy show according to the Daily Star.

The next ‘Ant and Dec’ eh. Hopefully without the seemingly poor ‘executive production’ skills and ‘con competitions’ the ITV pair have become famous for.

Feature: The Antony Cotton Acting Watch

Reports of acting sightings over the past seven days – Shocking news this week as Mr Cotton did actually try to do some acting in the ‘second’ Friday edition of Coronation Street (20/06/08). Alas, it didn’t really work out.

Instead we were treated to Sean Tully just pulling his usual slapstick facial expressions. That, my love, isn’t acting.

Remember, any sightings of real acting ability, get in touch.

Phil’s ‘armless

EastEnders’ Steve McFadden – who has played Phil Mitchell since 1990 – was rushed to hospital after an accident on the set of the BBC soap.

McFadden, The Sun reported, shattered his hand after tumbling down a staircase. The actor has had metal pins placed in his hand.

After two days off work McFadden has returned to the Elstree studios, and in order not to disrupt the filming schedule any further the injury has been written into the script.

I think they should blame Phil’s injury on Dot; we could find out our favourite laundrette worker has tuned psycho over the ‘smoking ban’ in public places.. and gone on a rampage of destruction. Then again, that’s far too far-fetched, best leave those type of plots to Coronation Street.

Quote Box

Bastion of quality, the News Of The World commented today:

“Ant Cotton turned up as a big hot dog to Corrie’s fancy dress party.. so are we to assume the theme was you are what you eat?”

I’m sure that wasn’t the case, although I’d suggest going as a plank of wood would have been, certainly, more apt for our “Corrie Legend” that never will be.

And Finally..

EastEnders star Kara Tointon has told the press that people seem unable to resist looking at her tits. Tointon thinks the reason people are cocking an eyeful is because her ‘Enders character – Dawn Swann – had breast implants fitted three years ago. You’d never catch me watching a programme just to look at a right pair of tits, otherwise I’d be forever tuned to Saturday Night Takeaway and Pokerface.

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