This week its farewell to Claire and Ashley Peacock in Coronation Street. Maybe their miracle home will, in true Tardis style, just take off into space. Speaking of Doctor Who’s time travel machine it seems some fans of the sci-fi hit were a little annoyed last night when a dancing cartoon version of Graham Norton ruined the cliff-hanger. Norton wasn’t the only cartoon figure causing a fuss this past week as intolerant ‘religious’ types got their turbans in a twist over a scene in an episode of The Simpsons while incoming ITV boss, Archie Norman, says The Bill suffers from viewers who are ‘too old’.




Weatherfield Waves Goodbye


Yes it was sad news this week – not really most people seem thrilled about it – when ITV Granada announced that one of the most annoying women in Coronation Street’s history was being written out. Claire Peacock will bid farewell to the Weatherfield cobbles along with hubby Ashley quicker than their staircase can move across their living room.


Of course their home renovation is actually the only memorable thing about the Peacocks, placing the staircase in a part of the house that doesn’t have a second floor was certainly something even Crossroads would have ruled out.


Since their arrival on ‘the nations favourite sitcom’ they’ve been at the centre of some gripping storylines over the years. But at this moment in time I can’t recall any of them – oh that’s right, there wasn’t any.



Who Put Norton Over The Doctor?


After last week’s Doctor Who, you’d think the BBC would try and avoid any further controversy. The re-imaging of the famous Dalek from a scary monster into a BBC Worldwide profit-making non-scary toy was as popular with Doctor Who fans as Michael Barrymore training as a lifeguard. (He’s not, alwright!)


But yet again the BBC (motto: We’re right, you’re wrong, we’ll do as we please), managed to annoy the fandom by having a cartoon version of Graham Norton dance his way across the screen to plug his search for Dorothy.


I think to be honest, most of the bosses at the BBC must be a friend of Dorothy from all the gayness they put out on BBC One these days – so you’d think they’d have found her by now.


Anyway the BBC said sorry for the timing of the promotion over the final scene. However the corporation didn’t apologise for treating its audience like fools who they seem to think need visually and verbally feeding such information at the end of every programme. BBC One Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales were free from these graphics. Clearly its only England where people are deemed too stupid by the BBC to know whats coming up next.



The Simpsons Offend ‘Religious Groups’


Pardon me for actually believing that religion was all about spreading ‘love’ and ‘peace’, because it seems that certain religions are about dictating and intolerance. Something that, frankly, in 2010 should be a thing of the past.


The Simpsons last week were at the receiving end of complaints from one such ‘religion’ that can’t seem to accept the fact everyone has the right to be offended, everyone has the right to speak their mind. Of course this religion seems to want a world where freedom of speech only is allowed for them to preach hate and distaste about anyone and anything else – and if anyone dishes it back then its burn them at the KFC.


If you can’t accept the basic right of ‘live and let live’ and as long as its harming no-one else its none of your business, then there isn’t really a place for such ‘religion’ in modern society. The Simpsons showed a number of religions figures in ‘amusing’ roles. Only one religion dished out some hate… DOH! As Hommer would say.



ITV1 – For The Young ONLY


If you’re a fan of The Bill you’ll be pleased to know ITV think you’re past it. Yes, down the years television has had an obsession with youth. Why? They believe if you catch them young, they’ll stay with you.


Maybe a re-think is needed. How about this little idea of mine – If you show programmes worth watching, people will tune in. Back in 1987 Central Televison – who took over Midland Soap Crossroads’ production from ATV Network – decided it’s audience was too old.


Fast-forward 22 years and currently Coronation Street is now attracting the oldest audience on ITV – something the channel seems to embrase. Odd then, that incoming boss Archie Norman is reported as saying the viewers of The Bill are ‘too old’.


Speaking at the time of Crossroads’ demise  Donald Byles, Media Director with advertising agency J Walter Thompson said:The over-55s are a growing section of the population and a valuable market because they frequently have no mortgage to pay and no children at home to support. It is still a very popular programme. If Central were able to change the audience profile to younger viewers then that could be of interest, but I would want to look very closely at what is going to replace it.”


Ultimately everything that replaced Crossroads in the 6.30pm slot failed to gain anywhere near the regular 12 million viewers it brought in – and the three million in advertising revenue to that slot. Those who are hoping for better fortunes for The Bill slot maybe should learn from that mistake. The London based police drama will leave ITV screens after 27-years later this year.

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