Less than a year after DC Comics overhauled its superhero legends the company has announced its to relaunch one of their characters, who will be in future ‘gay’.

Nine months ago the rebooted characters proved controveral with traditionalists unhappy with the changes while commercially the new look proved a success as sales increased.

At the weekend, at a comic convention in London, Dan DiDio a co-publisher with DC Comics was questioned about homosexual and bisexual characters in the comic releases. He said, reports online suggest, that they had taken a new route with the personality of their heroes. Previously the idea was to introduce new lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters to stories rather than re-write the history of well-established names.

DiDio went on to suggest that the DC company is about to re-introduce a former heterosexual, as yet un-named returnee, who will become one of DC’s most prominent gay characters. Current returnees already in the storylines so are unlikely to be in line for a sexual preference switch includes Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Rival Marvel has already led the gay way with two gay characters in their Astonishing X-Men franchise currently involved in a storyline which will see them plan a same-sex wedding this year.

[Written by Ian Westhead]

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