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Our Mutual Friend on the BBC Store

Since it launched last year the BBC Store has been making more and more of the broadcasters output available. You can stream and download the very latest shows as well as a wealth of classics which have languished unseen in the BBC vaults for decades. I am delighted that all twelve episodes of the 1958 series Our Mutual Friend have just been added to the service, the programme was directed

Media Freedom faces a great challenge

A group of leading international broadcasters have raised their concerns over internet blocking, satellite jamming and the return of shortwave jamming. The organisations including ABC Australia and AEF France say that media freedom faces its greatest challenge since the Cold War.

Focal International Award Nominations Announced

The Focal International Awards honour producers, filmmakers and other creative professionals who have used library footage in a documentary, feature film or any other form of production. The 2013 event sees BFI battle with fansite, turned production crew, ATVLand, for a gong along with the BBC up against ABC (Australia) for an award.