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EastEnders boss on Lucy Beale murder: ‘Ultimately it’s a bloody good story’

EastEnders boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has explained his decision to kill off the character of Lucy Beale. In a video feature on the soap’s official website the producer stated that he wanted a big story that would put the Beale family at the centre of the show ahead of its 30th anniversary next February. “The Beales are the first EastEnders family so, for me, in this year, building up to the 30th

EastEnders Trailer: There’s A Killer Amongst Them

One of the biggest whodunits in EastEnders‘ history kicked off tonight, focusing on the death of Lucy Beale, and a new trailer has been released to mark the occasion. In tonight’s episode, Lucy (Hetti Bywater) was shown heading out of the Square alone after receiving an email, with her lifeless body later seen on Walford Common. The circumstances of Lucy’s death are to be shrouded in mystery with the police initially believing that she

EastEnders Spoilers – Phil comforts a grieving Ian

EastEnders hardman Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) proves to be an unlikely source of comfort for his long time adversary Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) in the aftermath of his daughter’s death. In scenes airing on Friday 25th April, Phil and Sharon (Letitia Dean) arrive at the Beales to offer their condolences to a distraught Ian following the discovery of Lucy’s body on Walford Common. However, Sharon is lost for words when she

EastEnders Spoilers – Christian Clarke returns for Lucy Beale’s funeral

EastEnders cast and crew filmed on location for the funeral of Lucy Beale yesterday and new pictures have been released from the episode which airs next month. The pictures show Lucy’s father Ian (Adam Woodyatt), twin brother Peter (Ben Hardy), half-siblings Cindy (Mimi Keene) and Bobby (Rory Stroud) and uncle Christian (John Partridge) walking solemnly side by side. Partridge has reprised his role after a year away from the soap as

EastEnders Pictures – Cindy Junior arrives in Walford

EastEnders’ Beale clan continues to expand next week with the arrival of Cindy Junior (Mimi Keene), daughter of Ian’s (Adam Woodyatt) ex-wife Cindy, and the half-sister of Peter (Ben Hardy) and Lucy (Hetti Bywater). The youngster’s arrival comes following a row between Ian and Denise (Diane Parish), as Denise thinks Ian has been taking her for granted. While Ian tries to make things up to Denise at the restaurant, Cindy breaks into the Beale residence and

Pick of the Plots: July 7th

SoapWorld takes a look at what is happening in East London, the Yorkshire Dales and the North West tonight in the world of serial. The results of a routine health check leave Hayley with cause for concern in a forthcoming episode of Coronation Street. The doctor informs Hayley that her test results have shown some abnormal liver function and she would like to run more tests to establish the cause.

EastEnders fire drama for Shirley, Jean and Bianca

Shirley, Jean and Bianca get caught up in a dangerous situation in a forthcoming EastEnders episode when they sneak into Ian’s restaurant after closing and end up starting a fire. The incident happens after Jean (Gillian Wright) walks out on her job as chef at the restaurant when Ian (Adam Woodyatt) throws some nasty insults her way. Bianca (Patsy Palmer) and Shirley (Linda Henry) try to cheer her up and when Jean