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Sky 1 to set sail with Sinbad

The broadcaster describe Sinbad as an ‘epic fantasy drama about the iconic mythological character’. The series stars newcomer Elliot Knight in the lead role and is written by Ashes to Ashes and Shameless writer Jack Lothian.

Flashback: The Last Train

This month we take a look at the 1999 ITV post-apocalyptic drama, The Last Train, in which the passengers of a commuter train wake up decades after a meteor has hit the Earth shattering civilisation.

ATV Reports: The television axe swings in 2009

After our features looking at television in 2008 we take a look forward to 2009, in this issue of ATV Reports with editor Shaun Linden, and show’s that are in danger of being axed, due to low ratings, and we’ll also take a look at shows that have already been confirmed as ending this year.